Madonna Takes Part in Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” Answers 2020k Question & More!

Madonna RedditMadonna Reddit AMA 2020kWhat you are reading above is true. Madonna answered a question submitted by myself [link] in regards to an artist’s duty to responsibly use their voice to reflect society and themselves. To correct myself, I was six when I obtained the “You’ll see” cassette single, not four. This is also me trying to be modest, as I cannot lie that her response to my inquiry sent the buzzer for my constant support for messages throughout art off in full swing [more on that specifically here].

This is just one of the many questions submitted by Reddit users during a special Ask Me Anything segment featuring the artist herself. Like the Twitter banter (sans Mau5 drama), the Queen of Pop delivered back-handed, clever comments to her fans as she spent a few hours scrolling through the thousands of submissions of which pelted this specific section of the internet outlet.

Obviously a call to promote her upcoming Secret Project Revolution, which premieres next week at, Madonna makes several references to the project, stating “It’s a very ambitious project because it deals with very controversial issues; both global and personal. I’m extremely passionate about it. It means more to me than anything I have ever done before. In one week, it wont be a secret.” This back and forth even went so far as to ask a fan from Pakistan, who’s account has since been deleted, to share any story he might have.

More insightful, she had this to say about the critical and commercial downfall of American Life: “Because I dealt with a lot of controversial issues in it. I criticized american politics, the entertainment business in hollywood. I was in an angry mood when I was making it. Maybe that came across, but I was in an angry mood when I made my last album [MDNA] too.”

In funland,
She came out as a gay man.
when asked where to put the hydrangeas, she replied “up your ass.
Kept typing the phrase “send photo
Wishes she could turn Frank Ocean straight.
Wants a dirty martini.
Is waiting for Daft Punk to return her call.

So since we’re best friends and I’m still waiting for Deadmau5 to get back to me about doing a car interview, do you think next time she’s in Pittsburgh I can take her out?

Read the rest of her responses here.

Secret Project debuts at on September 24th, 2013. Read our review of MDNA here.

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