Download: Vestron Vulture x 2020k – “Run in Circles”

Vestron Vulture x 2020k Run in Circles

Hello everybody,

I’ve been absent a bit over here lately. I know. I apologize. (Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.)

A couple of posts down, I explained that I’ve been working 60 hour work weeks. This amount of work is no doubt strenuous, but is necessary in preparation to make a life change and move into the actual city of Pittsburgh for a bit.

There’s a lot of other projects in the works. Big projects. Big music projects that are being processed and creatively executed. Announcements will be made in the near future.

For now, there’s a song that I’ve worked on for the last eight months with Vestron Vulture called “Run in Circles” that just came out. So far, it’s been featured on a great compilation called Vox Populi by the Retro Promenade’s imprint [click] and a free five track single download that’s currently out for download.

01. Run in Circles
02. Chip in Circles
03. Always Etcetera (Wet Eyes Featuring 2020k)
04. Run in Circles (Original Mix)
05. Supertramp ’68 (Vestron Vulture)

Click here to download the single for free

Enjoy x RJ

Thank you to Dante for the collaboration, as well as additional thanks to Aneesh Ratan & Ross Auger for the extra help, and to Mike Mendoza for finding a slot on the compilation.

You can stay more informed during this “quiet time” (for lack of a better phrase) over at, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter (where I’m a Chatty Cathy from time to time).

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