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20Hz-20kHz is the average human hearing range. 2020k blog analyzes all frequencies.

My name is RJ Kozain, better known under the musician moniker 2020k [my official website filled with downloads and goodies is located here]. I received my Associates Degree in Audio Engineering in 2009 at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe/Gilbert, Arizona. Currently, I am located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and have worked at several recording studios as an intern, eventually working my way up to an assistant engineer.


In regards to my musical releases, I am strictly independent as of present day. Of course, I am looking into representation and bigger, wide scale plans. As for now, you can listen to and download my music through Soundcloud and Bandcamp. There are full live show streams as well as self directed videos over at my YouTube channel. I’m always open to collaboration and business/artistic growth in the industry.

There are two musical releases under the 2020k name. All engineering, production, writing, composing, programming, art directions, and everywhere in between is by myself unless noted. The two releases: 2020k EP and Contagion EP.

“Contagion” has been featured in the Touched. compilation alongside some of the most iconic and influential Electronic musicians in support of the Macmillan Cancer Support.

I’ve also been featured on Lo-Fi by Default’s Sunny All Around mixtape and called “The Future of Electronica” by Sykomindz Magazine. You can read about all of those things by clicking their names.


Unfortunately, finding steady audio work in the Pittsburgh area is tough. Although, my ambitions lead me toward a path where I am relentless in trying to find work here and also expanding my horizons to look for work elsewhere within the United States (and a bit internationally). As for now? Amongst the blogging, meeting lovely people, and striving to make music on my own, I’m full time customer service representative for an internet company.

It seems taboo in this industry to talk about the struggle, but it’s real and I’m living it. I do everything creative for the joy and love of it, as well as for you and the joy to interact and bring you creative content! However, any help is greatly appreciated, so I do have a place for donations.

Donations can be given in any amount by downloading my 2020k EP through Bandcamp.


This blog was started as a means to keep my engineering skills sharp. Every feature? Engineering oriented in some fashion. Every interview? A chance to ask a wonderful individual involved in the recording industry about their projects and inner-workings behind them. Every giveaway? An appreciation for you, of course; the readers.

In regards to the blog, I’ve received notoriety amongst NPRThe GuardianSpin MagazinePitchforkFACTmagThe Consequence of SoundTycho’s blog for my coverage on Boards of Canada’s viral marketing scheme for their 2013 release Tomorrow’s Harvest [view the majority of coverage here].

Along with along with the 2020k blog, I currently freelance blog from time to time for Netlabelism (which is somehow affiliated with VICE), Avenge the Virgins (HypeM affiliated), and Open ‘Til Midnight.


Looking for an engineer? I freelance. Recording, overdubbing, mixing, mastering, producing, etc – I do it all with what means I have to complete a project with. Please email me for rates. Don’t be shy. I know budgets like the back of my hand so I am willing to work around them.

Looking for someone to take a listen and review your work? Inquiring for press? That’s me as well! This is what the blog is used for after all. Please contact me through email or shoot me an inquiry through social media platforms.

I always have a resume ready for opportunities. Artists? Employers? Inquirers? Please feel free to request one.


Speaking of social media, I am currently on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr platforms.

EMAIL: cras.rkozain@gmail.com – NOTE: As of 2014 I am focusing on 2020k as a musical project, not a blog, and will not be accepting artist submissions for articles. Please start the subject line with 2020k, so your E-mail sticks out and receives priority over all of the other things my inbox gets stuffed with.

The header picture on this website is used with permission from ŶΣŅΡǾΧ.

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