2020k Interviewed On The AP Collection


Something way exciting happened. Check out the first 2020k audio interview via The AP Collection podcast. In it, Genevieve Barbee and I discuss a whole range of topics stemming from my music, this blog, my on-air DJ nights at Pittsburgh’s 91.3 FM WYEP, live shows, and more. There’s also a whole bunch of asides ranging from various authors, discussions about Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, number stations, and the Touched. project.

All of that information above and more is jam packed into this wonderful podcast. Genevieve and I pretty much spent the entire day together visiting The Roundabout Brewery, as well as rummaging through her book shelves, talking Pittsburgh entertainment & culture, and, of course, having the lovely conversation you hear below.

Check out the conversation here.

More news as it becomes available, but you get a pretty good insight into the future with this AP Collection interview.



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