Burst Mode by 2020k: First Anniversary

2020k Burst Mode Digital Art

Profile 1.

It’s been a year since my debut Burst Mode as 2020k was released.

This reflection isn’t quite what I wanted, but it’ll do.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that I suffered a concussion in July 2016 that left me in quite a shambled state, then moved into Post-Concussion Syndrome territory. I’ve improved leaps and bounds, but there are still debilitating symptoms (mostly visual problems) that haven’t fully resolved themselves. As a result, the 2020k project came to an emergency halt before it truly began.

100% of this project was a labor of genuine love for the creative process, so even though I didn’t fully get to enjoy the run of the record, I have it playing quietly in the background right now and take so much pride in it. What I wanted for my first release was to approach Pop music from a DIY standpoint, allowing layers of sonic abstraction and authentic imperfection about the human condition among a torn political climate in the social media era to unveil slowly through each listen. Burst Mode accomplishes just that and I can confirm that there are several projects finished, waiting to come down the pipeline, it’s just a matter of getting better and back on my own two feet again.

That being said, I have immense gratitude to anyone who’s streamed, downloaded, or bought the physical version of this release, so far. My thanks to you are endless…it makes me emotional every time I remember that there are people out there paying attention to 2020k on a word of mouth level. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy this record.

An extra special thank you to my family, Andrew, friends, an endless list of doctors*,  and acquaintances who’ve popped their heads in and supported me during my recovery.

This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through and having such a solid support system has meant the world to me, especially in the early months of this, which were filled with moments when I thought my world was ending.

I mostly worked in solitude, but also recruited a few friends for co-production, mixing assistance, and art direction. If you like Burst Mode and you’re waiting for more work from me, please check out the others involved in this release… Scyye, Alexander Aultman, Kinesthetiac, Doors in the Labyrinth, and Wet Eyes. I’ve babbled about how lovely their music is for years and they’re well worth your ears!

Also, props to Shanna Logan who shot and edited the album cover photo; whose photography business has rightfully blown up. Christopher Leary is the only person involved in Burst Mode who I don’t personally know (yet), but my adoration of his work as Ochre has been unparalleled for years and his work in mastering this project worked so well, with minimal direction from me.

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for listening. Here’s to the rest of recovery & getting back to the music.

You can purchase Burst Mode here: iTunes | Apple Music | Amazon | Spotify | BandcampTidal | and physically over at twenty20k.com

*except the asshole in the beginning, who told me I was a hypochondriac, but that I should still see him three times a week because he had the best concussion care. You are not thanked. You can absolutely go fuck yourself.
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2020k in 2014: A Reflection


It’s been a year. As I continue to dive into more artistic endeavors, this blog has morphed. Gone are the days of reviews and Top lists (how can one artist judge another?), and here for now and the future are pieces and posts of things that musically intrigue me, conversations with other artists, overall a more depth filled look into the psyche of my creative and other creatives.

Though it was a quiet 2014 on this outlet, it was a loud, adventurous, productive one in all other facets of 2020k.

Quit my day job to start work on debut
Began occasionally DJing for 91.3 WYEP FM in Pittsburgh
Helped produce WYEP’s Reimagination Compilation
In depth interview with The AP Collection
Debuted new songs at live shows
Compiled a mixtape of influences for Everybody Loves You
Selling out of limited physical copies of the 2020k EP
Began instructing an audio & radio broadcast class
Donated “Sea Bound” with Wet Eyes to Touched. 2 compilation
So on and so forth…

All proceeds from downloads of this compilation support the Macmillan Cancer Support.

There are too many people to name who I’ve met this year and am thankful for, that continuously believe in my creative ability and artistic intent. There are also far too many friendships that continue to weave themselves as trustworthy confidants, insightful musings, and incredible, irreplaceable people in my life. To name them all would be incredibly tedious. They know who they are, and I am far too grateful for each person.

Last but not least, I’m speechlessly enamored by every one who’s listened to the music, downloaded/bought the releases, come to the shows, and continue to follow the long, unfolding road that is 2020k. It’s cliche, but this is nothing without you. Thank you and here’s to 2015. Lots more to come… x

Stay tuned.

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“Sea Bound” by 2020k & Wet Eyes Featured on Massive Charitable Compilation Album “Touched. Two”

Touched. TwoA new recording called “Sea Bound” by 2020k & Wet Eyes is featured on the second installment of the Touched. compilation series, titled Touched. Two.

Touched. Two has been curated by Martin Boulton (Min-Y-Llan) contains a huge track list of over 250 Electronic music artists, a mixed bag of legendary names like Plaid, Bibio, and Autechre from Warp Records, Orbital, Maps, Secede, Ulrich Schnauss, µ-Ziq, The Future Sound of London, Ochre, Christ., and 808 State, as well as up and coming artists and producers like Eyesix, Fil OK, Wet Eyes, 2020k, and Nootropix.

The juggernaut is around 18 USD. All of that money goes toward the Macmillan Cancer Support and gets you 23 hours of music in return. In just two days, this compilation has hit number one on Bandcamp’s top selling list of any format, raised over $5,000, and continues to grow.

“Sea Bound” is 2020k’s only proper studio recording released in 2014 and is embedded below for your listening pleasure. Just press play, and thank you for listening! Also, please consider downloading a copy of the compilation for yourself or spreading the word to friends, so we can all support this cause together.


“Contagion” by 2020k was included on last year’s installment of the compilation, which is still available for download at Touched.’s Bandcamp and 2020k’s Contagion EP & 2020k EP here.

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2020k Interviewed On The AP Collection


Something way exciting happened. Check out the first 2020k audio interview via The AP Collection podcast. In it, Genevieve Barbee and I discuss a whole range of topics stemming from my music, this blog, my on-air DJ nights at Pittsburgh’s 91.3 FM WYEP, live shows, and more. There’s also a whole bunch of asides ranging from various authors, discussions about Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, number stations, and the Touched. project.

All of that information above and more is jam packed into this wonderful podcast. Genevieve and I pretty much spent the entire day together visiting The Roundabout Brewery, as well as rummaging through her book shelves, talking Pittsburgh entertainment & culture, and, of course, having the lovely conversation you hear below.

Check out the conversation here.

More news as it becomes available, but you get a pretty good insight into the future with this AP Collection interview.



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Aphex Twin Flies a 2014 Blimp in London & Logo Sightings in New York City, New album?!

Aphex Twin 2014 Logo Blimp London
Ahoy! All aboard the Aphex Twin blimp!

This blimp has been flying around London, at Oval Space, with the year 2014 written on one side, and the AFX logo on the other. There’s also been sightings of the AFX logo in New York City, right outside of Radio City Music Hall.

Does this mean a new record? A new live performance schedule? Has Richard D. James invested in a new blimp company? We don’t know right now, all we know is that the signs are out there and we’re anxiously awaiting what’s next.

Warp Records could not be reached for comment.

Aphex Twin 2014 Blimp

Disregarding the release of a Kickstarter oriented Caustic Window release, there’s not been a proper Aphex Twin album since 2001’s Drukqs (the one that brought us the brilliant “Avril 14th” track) [iTunes]. And you thought the Boards of Canada hiatus was long…

Note: This is a developing story. Just like the Tomorrow’s Harvest saga, 2020k will update this article every step of the way as well as live tweet and occasionally Facebook update developments.

UPDATE #1: Aphex Twin has Tweeted a link to http://syro2eznzea2xbpi.com/ which contains possible album artwork information, as well as eerie information in regards to what kind of computer you’re operating and where you were sent from.

UPDATE #2: If you access the tweeted link through the Deep Web, you’ll unlock the tracklisting, which is as follows:

01 minipops 67 (source field mix)
02 XMAS_Eve10 (thanaton3 mix)
03 produk 29
04 4 bit 9d epi+e+6
05 180db_
06 CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus mix)
07 fz pseudotimestrech+e+3
08 CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix)
09 syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix)
10 PAPAT4 (pineal mix)
11 s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix)
12 aisatsana

UPDATE #3: Here’s some screen captures from the Deep Web search, as well as the artwork on the website:

Aphex Twin Syro 2020k aphex-twin-Syro-tracklist


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Azealia Banks First Post-Major Record Label Split “Heavy Metal and Reflective” Gets a Video

Azealia Banks Heavy Metal and Reflective
After announcing her release from Universal/Interscope Records contract via Twitter, Azealia Banks unleashes her first unsigned release, with a music video by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace.

The Lil Internet produced “Heavy Metal and Reflective” sees Banks being the cool indie chick she’s always wanted to be, with a spacious, risque composition that almost completely lacks a hook, and visuals that recall a traditional version of something M.I.A. would think up in the last five years.

The song is also available for download on iTunes right now!

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Billboard.com Posts Cryptic Disco Snippet, Alludes to New Madonna Song

3 hours ago Billboard.com posted a seemingly cryptic teaser of a new Daft Punk influenced, disco infused snippet of music. Uploaded via a private track through Billboard’s official Soundcloud.com account, there are no leads except for the text.

The last we properly heard from Madge was 2012’s MDNA [review], but we’ve since seen rise in activity through her Art For Freedom campaign, as well as announcements that Diplo and Avicii have been called on board to produce the upcoming Madonna record.

Oh, and remember that time she answered one of my questions during a Reddit Ask Me Anything segment?

Click here to be directed to the article & hear the snippet.

Given the vogue and shape shifter references…our bet’s on Madonna.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for instant updates.

EDIT#1: THIS happened a few days ago over at Billboard. There’s only one legend on the list.

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