2020k in 2014: A Reflection


It’s been a year. As I continue to dive into more artistic endeavors, this blog has morphed. Gone are the days of reviews and Top lists (how can one artist judge another?), and here for now and the future are pieces and posts of things that musically intrigue me, conversations with other artists, overall a more depth filled look into the psyche of my creative and other creatives.

Though it was a quiet 2014 on this outlet, it was a loud, adventurous, productive one in all other facets of 2020k.

Quit my day job to start work on debut
Began occasionally DJing for 91.3 WYEP FM in Pittsburgh
Helped produce WYEP’s Reimagination Compilation
In depth interview with The AP Collection
Debuted new songs at live shows
Compiled a mixtape of influences for Everybody Loves You
Selling out of limited physical copies of the 2020k EP
Began instructing an audio & radio broadcast class
Donated “Sea Bound” with Wet Eyes to Touched. 2 compilation
So on and so forth…

All proceeds from downloads of this compilation support the Macmillan Cancer Support.

There are too many people to name who I’ve met this year and am thankful for, that continuously believe in my creative ability and artistic intent. There are also far too many friendships that continue to weave themselves as trustworthy confidants, insightful musings, and incredible, irreplaceable people in my life. To name them all would be incredibly tedious. They know who they are, and I am far too grateful for each person.

Last but not least, I’m speechlessly enamored by every one who’s listened to the music, downloaded/bought the releases, come to the shows, and continue to follow the long, unfolding road that is 2020k. It’s cliche, but this is nothing without you. Thank you and here’s to 2015. Lots more to come… x

Stay tuned.

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