Burst Mode by 2020k: First Anniversary

2020k Burst Mode Digital Art

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It’s been a year since my debut Burst Mode as 2020k was released.

This reflection isn’t quite what I wanted, but it’ll do.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that I suffered a concussion in July 2016 that left me in quite a shambled state, then moved into Post-Concussion Syndrome territory. I’ve improved leaps and bounds, but there are still debilitating symptoms (mostly visual problems) that haven’t fully resolved themselves. As a result, the 2020k project came to an emergency halt before it truly began.

100% of this project was a labor of genuine love for the creative process, so even though I didn’t fully get to enjoy the run of the record, I have it playing quietly in the background right now and take so much pride in it. What I wanted for my first release was to approach Pop music from a DIY standpoint, allowing layers of sonic abstraction and authentic imperfection about the human condition among a torn political climate in the social media era to unveil slowly through each listen. Burst Mode accomplishes just that and I can confirm that there are several projects finished, waiting to come down the pipeline, it’s just a matter of getting better and back on my own two feet again.

That being said, I have immense gratitude to anyone who’s streamed, downloaded, or bought the physical version of this release, so far. My thanks to you are endless…it makes me emotional every time I remember that there are people out there paying attention to 2020k on a word of mouth level. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy this record.

An extra special thank you to my family, Andrew, friends, an endless list of doctors*,  and acquaintances who’ve popped their heads in and supported me during my recovery.

This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through and having such a solid support system has meant the world to me, especially in the early months of this, which were filled with moments when I thought my world was ending.

I mostly worked in solitude, but also recruited a few friends for co-production, mixing assistance, and art direction. If you like Burst Mode and you’re waiting for more work from me, please check out the others involved in this release… Scyye, Alexander Aultman, Kinesthetiac, Doors in the Labyrinth, and Wet Eyes. I’ve babbled about how lovely their music is for years and they’re well worth your ears!

Also, props to Shanna Logan who shot and edited the album cover photo; whose photography business has rightfully blown up. Christopher Leary is the only person involved in Burst Mode who I don’t personally know (yet), but my adoration of his work as Ochre has been unparalleled for years and his work in mastering this project worked so well, with minimal direction from me.

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for listening. Here’s to the rest of recovery & getting back to the music.

You can purchase Burst Mode here: iTunes | Apple Music | Amazon | Spotify | BandcampTidal | and physically over at twenty20k.com

*except the asshole in the beginning, who told me I was a hypochondriac, but that I should still see him three times a week because he had the best concussion care. You are not thanked. You can absolutely go fuck yourself.

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