Zedd & Deadmau5 Film Hilarious 20+ Minute Coffee Run

Deadmau5 Zedd Coffee Run Excuse the light posting lately. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know what’s [click] up [click].

Once upon a time, Electronic Dance Musicians Zedd (my new husband) and Deadmau5 went on a coffee run. They also filmed it. While it seems a bit insane (and perhaps it is) to watch 22 minutes of two friends running to a Tim Horton’s drive thru, it’s filled with hysterical Joel Zimmerman-isms as they mock media interviews and banter back and forth about new music, tour stresses, mau5head shipping, and wanting to score movie soundtracks instead of lending tracks.

From the minute they take off, it’s pure hilarity; especially when Zimmerman floors it and Anton Zaslavski (who got the name Zedd because of the first letter of his last name, in case the journalists are wondering) nervously laughs as he prepares to potentially die, following it up with “I can see why you’re getting a ticket.”

Joel: This is the coffee place, buddy. The drive thru, I mean.
Anton: A drive thru..coffee place?
Joel: Yeah, a drive thru.
Anton: That does not exist in Germany..
Joel: They don’t have a lot of things in Germany.
Anton: That’s true.

The above banter is followed by a passerby screaming “DEADMAU5! ARE YOU DEADMAU5” to which Joel charismatically responds “OH MY GOD! Sometimes!”

You need this. 2020k needs this. When’s my interview, Joel? Why aren’t you called Zedd, Zimmerman?

Happy Sunday.

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