Boards Of Canada “How Will I Know (Hell Interface Remix)” by Whitney Houston Leaks

Hell Interface How Will I know Midas TouchUPDATE: This upload has been confirmed by Boards of Canada representative Mark David Garrett as a fake. [Source]

Dig deep into the minds of Boards of Canada back when they were Hell Interface with this newly unearthed rip of a cassette tape that contains their well known remix of Midnight Star’s “Midas Touch” and a newly leaked remix for “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston.

Details are developing. FOR NOW THIS IS A RUMOR AND QUITE POSSIBLY A DRILL (whereas our other breaking Boards of Canada news was not). Right now, we know that this is at least half legitimate & the fact that the “Midas Touch” version is longer on this leaked cassette allows us to be optimistic!

Details are as follows from the user OldHat on Soundcloud, who uploaded the file:
“Hell Interface early boc. Two tracks. Very bad quality unfortunately. This tape was left behind several years ago, and I’ve ripped it before returning it to it’s owner, if he ever shows his face again. Leaving it up for 24 hours only.”

Grab the download while it’s there and let us know in the comments section,  Twitter, or Facebook in regards to what to think about this.

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14 Responses to Boards Of Canada “How Will I Know (Hell Interface Remix)” by Whitney Houston Leaks

  1. Nash Keller says:

    Could anyone please send me the file, since it’s not on soundcloud anymore??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you have the uncropped artwork?

  3. marc says:

    thanks alot! been seeking this for ages

  4. andy says:

    this isn’t new, I’ve had this rip for years

    • This is new, there is no record of this tune before today, I’ve been a fan for a decade.

      • betmen says:

        Andy’s right. This is a remix of Midnight Star’s Midas Touch by Hell Interface, AKA BoC. I now this because it was already featured in in the SKAM comp vinyl, MASK 500, and was also featured in the BoC bootleg, Unreleased tracks.

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