Speaking on the Release of the “Contagion” Single EP

2020k - Contagion Cover Final2020k – Contagion Single EP
01. Contagion (Single Edit)
02. Infected/Placebo
03. Contagion (Kinesthetiac Remix)
04. Contagion (Wet Eyes Remix)
05. Contagion (Kamas Remix 1 & 2)

Click here to download the project.
Wet Eyes Productions also has a download here.

It’s finally here, guys. After working on this project with a circle of close friends and colleagues, I’m exceedingly overjoyed to be able to present to you the “Contagion” Single EP.

Three artists that I’ve reported on and built friendships with have contributed to this extended play. KinesthetiacWet Eyes, and Kamas (also known under his alternate, vaporwave Nyetscape alias) crafted some out of this world remixes that vary from different spectrums of the progressive and experimental continents.

As I received these mixes into my inbox, I felt inspired to take on my own re-working of “Contagion” and out of it “Infection/Placebo” was born. I worked with the same stems that I gave to the musicians in the aforementioned paragraph and crafted an alternate look, a deeper look into what this song is about.

“Contagion” was written, produced, and engineered by myself in the summer of 2012. I had just been booked for some live shows and was increasingly becoming engulfed by anxiety. This song was my way of dealing with it. It was my way of overcoming it, finding my way out of it. “Infection” explores the deeper parts of tension – the ones that you seemingly almost cannot control, and “Placebo” is an example of the opposite.

The project was funded on the hearts of those who contributed and as a result is being given away as a free download through distribution on the Wet Eyes Productions’ Bandcamp. Whether or not there will be a limited physical release is to be determined by general demand, your downloads, your feedback, and the currency I have available in the future to fund it. Please, feel free to download the single or the EP and to share the link and music as you wish.

If you feel inclined give back, to contribute to future artistic endeavors and support the launch point for 2020k as a musical project, then please download the 2020k EP on Bandcamp. You can click here for that. The funds will be transferred directly to me at this point, not a label, so that I can continue to put forth all of the effort and strength needed to carry out prospective things. Not only is the original version of “Contagion” on it, but there are three additional songs that were recorded throughout 2011 and 2012. Songs that are emotional to me, songs that I hope resonate with you.

The thank you list…

I’d like to give a special thank you to the artists who created their versions of this song, and a huge thank you to Ross Auger for the help and opportunity to release this under Wet Eyes Productions. Thank you to my brother, Jacob Kozain, for braving the cold and taking the cover photo, to Devan Monroe for his input, and to Natalie Zigarovich for putting together the final cover. Also, to Johnny Daggers for his work on the debut music video so far.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported 2020k so far, who has come to the live shows, and specifically to Kristen Adams, Ashley Weinman, and Eldora Lynn. You three were the first to hear “Contagion” and in pure, anxiety ridden form I was nervous for your opinions. Thank you for always being there – without you, and without everyone else – there wouldn’t be “Contagion”

Thank you & enjoy.


Credits: Contagion written, recorded, engineered, produced, mixed: RJ Kozain aka 2020k | Infected/Placebo by RJ Kozain | All additional production and parts for Kinesthetiac Remix: Jared VanMatre | All additional production and parts for Wet Eye Remix: Ross Auger | All additional production and parts for Kamas Remix 1 &2: Christopher Kamas | Mastering: Ross Auger | Art Direction: RJ Kozain | Photograph: Jacob Kozain | Final Cover: Natalie Zigarovich | http://www.twenty20k.com

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