Beyonce Teases With Hit-Boy Produced “Bow Down / I Been On”

Beyonce Bow Down I Been OnAll over the internet, all I’ve been reading are angry comments about Beyonce going on tour with no new music. So, we have new music. The Hit-Boy produced “Bow Down” and “I Been On”.

These may be snippets of two different songs, or may just be one three and a half minute tease. Regardless, I’m just going to let this one sink into your skulls.

However, before I do, there’s one thing I’d like to comment on. The beginning measures of “I Been On” sound fantastic. That rhythmic section that sticks out in the mix is definitely a great creative choice, as opposed to having it compressed and mixed into the more supportive section of the song.

Bow down, bitches..

Click here for ticket information on Beyonce’s upcoming Tour!

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