Tori Amos Makes Thought Provoking Comment on the State of the Entertainment Industry

Tori Amos Flavor Peter Rauhofer

Pro Motion sat down with Tori Amos to discuss Peter Rauhofer’s dance remixes of “Flavor” off Abnormally Attracted To Sin and Gold Dust. Late last year, we gave a stunning review for the small EP, that you can see here, so we’re excited to see Amos praise the remixes as well.

Along with the announcement of a new record, which will stray away from the classical genre the artist has engulfed herself in these passed few years and is in the works for a 2014 release, Pro Motion inquired about the state of the music industry and how the singer/songwriter fits into that picture.

“…Singer-songwriters started to carve out a place for themselves and because of the time they were able to develop a career, and a body of work. Now, you have a lot less singer-songwriters that are given record deals, and you have a lot more television shows that are developing performers/singers who will do songs produced by people that the people who own the TV show want to have involved in the record. So, when that artist isn’t commanding the attention or selling the tickets anymore, then they can move that artist aside and they keep the producers in place. They keep the songwriters – or they bring in new songwriters – or they find a balance of them. They have a stable that can change. But, they keep changing the artist. So, the artist is much more disposable than it ever used to be and that’s the time we’re in.”

Intriguing perspective. Watch the interview below.

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