Track review: The Irrepressibles – New World (Iamamiwhoami Remix)

Irrepressibles New World Iamamiwhoami Remix

The Irrepressibles released a record on August 27th, 2012 called Nude and have been steadily working on its visuals and further expanding it’s lush artistry ever since. Turns out, they’ve recently commissioned our favorite duo Iamamiwhoami to remix the title track! While we’d love to jump head first into our review of this lovely song, as you know 2020k is a huge Iamamiwhoami enthusiast, it’s widely encouraged that you take the time out to read a little background on the groundbreaking project itself. From the electronic influenced orchestra’s YouTube channel:

“New World the music video tells the story of a boy who discovers his nature through the realisation of his unconventional love for his friend. His feelings of desire so strong he can’t help but show them. But his closest friend seemingly doesn’t feel the same and instead retaliates by publicly outing him to other boys who viciously physically and mentally bullying him. Eventually the the boy gives up. He decides to take his own life. He writes a note to his parents and walks out into the night eventually reaching the bridge over the lake. He jumps in and begins to drown. But the ghosts of other boys and men who have done the same over decades at the same lake awake. They decide that enough is enough and that he will not die. In the boys unconsciousness the object of his desire comes to save him and breathes air back into his lungs as the ghosts push him up and out of the water. He dances in a field as the sun rises on a new day as if dancing in a club as he finds acceptance with himself . He is at one with himself and his nature. He dances as a beautiful homosexual man.” 

The original version of “New World” is largely piano, bass, and vocal based, so the remix takes it down the manipulated world of vocal pads, feedback delays, and lush reverberations. These opening loops set the scene for the synthesized, dancefloor oriented remix that Jonna Lee and Claes Bjorklund have crafted. Unlike their previous remix endeavor on Moby’s “After” [Review], “New World” does not feature full on vocal lines from Lee herself, but instead, these vocal layers act as a replacement of sorts. However, toward the end of the track, we hear small, little call outs that are distinctly Iamamiwhoami sounding.

But, it’s not so Iamami… that you forget the song’s original intent. The chord progressions  are still noticeably following its original, but as a whole, strives for a synth-pop outlook and ironically uplifting stance through its sonic groove and accompanying rhythmic elements. As a result, the album version’s emotion is present, but with an added adventure of great additional melodies that we’ve come to love from Lee and Bjorklund.

It’s a powerful remix to a powerful project, ridden in one of the most moving, darkest explorations of the  psyche inside relationships and ones self. It’s a genuine story of heartbreak, triumphed by self-love. The Irrepressibles have unleashed one hell of a statement. It’s absolutely beautiful and we’re glad to see Iamamiwhoami giving this piece of art proper back up, especially after their own look into humanity on their respective BOUNTY and kin projects.

This is art.

Download “New World (Iamamiwhoami Remix)” by The Irrepressibles at Bandcamp

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