2020k Remix of Hannah Georgas “Enemies” is Streaming & Update on the “Contagion” Release

2020k Contagion Shoot

Hannah Georgas “Enemies (2020k Remix)”
Part of getting the extreme creative juices flowing for me is interpreting someone else’s work through manipulation of their original intention. Just as I was about to cancel my Indaba account, I received a tweet from Amber over at OTMBlog who nudged me to put together a remix for “Enemies” by Hannah Georgas. The very first lines instantly grasped me and and I decided to extend my stay at the competitive website so I could, at the very least, reconstruct an admirable song. We’re in a sea full of sharks just swimming around and around..if we get caught, they’re gonna taste our blood.

Since I greatly enjoyed the vocal content and delivery, I decided that it’d be great to create metaphoric waves of vocals. After a few hours of sifting through the background vocals stem, I found a section of harmonies that could be pitch shifted, time stretched, and used to satisfaction in creating this underlying vocal wave, which doubles as a pad, and is used through the entirety of the 2020k Remix.

Beyond the vocals and chorus guitar lines, all other compositional structures were dreamt up and thrown into the mix myself through Logic Pro and mixed down in Pro Tools. My personal favorite part of mixing comes in the first verse, wherein a gunshot sample from my sample library was incorporated into the song for dramatic effect, and rhythmic surprise. Playing around with the static reverb plugins Pro Tools had to offer was actually really fun for this particular channel in the track. Some waves and AIR effects are used in the song as well.

All in all, my only hope is that you enjoy the song and it resonates with you the way it impacted me during it’s creation. Right now, you can stream it over at Indaba. If you feel so compelled, you can cast a vote using your Facebook profile as well.

Click here to listen to “Enemies (2020k Remix)” 

UPDATE: Contest ended. No cigar, but some nice words from everyone who has listened! The 2020k Remix is now available for free download at Soundcloud. Click here for it!

2020k “Contagion EP”
The photo in this article was taken in a cemetery with my brother, Jake, who was kind enough to assist me on a photoshoot for the cover of the Contagion EP, which will be released under the Wet Eyes Productions stamp on Bandcamp and features remixes by Wet Eyes, Kamas, and Kinesthetiac. There’s also a new track and mix of the song done by myself that will be included.

Right now, the project is currently being mastered. Updates and further information on the release of this EP will be announced through Twenty20k.com, the Bandcamp, and elsewhere.


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