GIVEAWAY: Countdown to Canadian Music Week and Win With OTM!


2020k and Open ‘Til Midnight have been dropping hints at huge giveaways in collaboration with both blogs for months and the beginnings are finally happening over at! Check out the information, taken directly from Amber Waves’ blog itself and enter to win some awesome goodies from some of Canada’s best indie music scene!

Of course, keep checking back at 2020k for some amazing prizes as well. Iamamiwhoami fans? Doc Mckinney (Esthero, Res, The Weeknd) fans? Photek fans? I’m looking at you and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hint, hint.

Taken from OTMBLOG.COM:

OTM is gearing up for Canadian Music Week 2013, with tons of exclusive coverage, profiles of must-see acts and much more.  To celebrate, OTM (with the support of 2020k) is giving away some serious swag!

Grand Prize:  A CMW prize pack, featuring CDs, concert tickets and swag from some of our favourite artists, including Future History, Sidney York, Beekeeper, Goodnight, Sunrise, The Falls, Amanda Merdzan, Noel Johnson, Old English, The Danger Bees, Amos The Transparent, Crowns For Convoy, and much, much more!  Full details are coming — keep checking back here as we tally up the goodies for you.  As a music fan, trust me:  I wish I could keep this all for myself!

Secondary Prizes:  We’ll be giving away goodies throughout the fest on Twitter from CMW artists and other hot Canadian indie acts, including City and the Sea and Morning Fame.  And, just because we can, we’ll also be giving away rare and unusual items from artists like Amanda Palmer, Wet Eyes and Murder By Death.

Excited?  We are!

How do I win all of this amazing stuff, Amber?

For this information, head straight on over to or click here for the rules and regulations! (Hint: There are more than one awesome way. Regardless, you’re going to want to be following both of us on Twitter for some amazing giveaways through our respective social media platforms and our blogs for some great prizes made from each of us! @OTMidnight & @Twenty20k)

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