Erykah Badu To Release Two Albums In 2012

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu news has coyly been making its rounds that two albums are set to drop in 2012 that highly involve the Queen of Neo-Soul.  According to an interview with Essence Magazine, we can expect a debut album by the Cannabinoids in which she’s involved with and a new record by Badu herself!

A side note: one of the more interesting parts of the interview is when the songstress takes a second to let us know what drives her. She states, “May sound odd but my fears have been my biggest driving voice. When I know they’re there it helps me to conquer  them one at a time.”

The interviewer followed up by stating she just goes out there and does it, to which Erykah said “I do but that’s called bravery, I think. The fear is still there but I get the bravery from my Mother. She instilled in me that I couldn’t lose and everything that I do would be fine, and okay, and satisfactory to her. I think we all have fears whether we use the bravery to fight through them, I think it’s up to us.”

S2S also spoke to Badu and confirmed that these two records are indeed in the works.

Again, this is news to be taken lightly. As we spoke of in our last Badu feature, Erykah is known to make promises that don’t seem to come the whole way to fruition. The “Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)” remix bundle with every rapper under the sun is nowhere to be found, the “Real Thang” remix contest winner was never announced, and we were supposed to receive three installments released in the same year of the New Amerykah albums (the third being a USB stick), but wound up getting two records split two years apart.

We’re not complaining. We know she’s the remnants of our feelings toward these projects remain hesitant until we see some promotional movement.

Updates will follow as they appear. (Please lets see those sessions with Lotus Flower blossom!)

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