Tupac Performs At 2012 Coachella, Confuses Jesus Christ – We Explain How It Happened

Tupac CoachellaReports have been completely swamping the blogosphere as well as the internet in general, because of an extreme amount of anticipation surrounding Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s headlining slot during Sunday’s conclusion of the first of two weekends for 2012’s Coachella festival (located in Riverside County, California). It’s not enough that we’re still waiting for the follow up to Dr. Dre’s sophomore release 2001, but apparently two of Rap music’s most respected members were making their appearances during the set: Nate Dogg and Tupac Shakur.

If you just looked at your computer screen and went “what the hell?” so did we when the news broke. As a matter of fact the news even caused Jesus Christ himself to tweet about the event, asking the Twitterverse where the hell Tupac was at.

Turns out Dre and Snoop decided to contact Digital Domain Media Group to create a hologram image of  infamous and wildly renowned 2pac, who died almost sixteen years ago to gun shot wounds could also join the pair on stage during the event. Nate Dogg, who died March 15th, 2011 due to complications of multiple strokes sadly did not make it to see the light of day during the set for undisclosed reasons.

Jesus Christ Coachella 2pac

The Gadget Zone has a great video based upon the technology & Wall Street Journal takes a look in their article on the holographic performance, which is actually more of a projection technique:

“First, the image was created on a computer, using physical characteristics and movements captured from recorded performances.

Advances in computer graphics and video projection allowed Sunday night’s illusion to be far more lifelike than other recent efforts.

For the projection aspect, a San Diego company called AV Concepts used a variation of a visual effect that was discovered in the 19th century, known as Pepper’s Ghost.

Though the projected image has been widely described as a “hologram,” it is a 2-D image and not a hologram, which is 3-D.”

The article goes on to state that a Tupac Shakur hologram tour may be in the works..but we hope that doesn’t truly pan out. They’ve already slain his name by the four thousand horrible remix and post-pothumous releases since 1996. (But, we digress).

All in all, this made for one powerfully, emotional set. To make this even better, fans were able to watch both at the show and live via YouTube streams. Check out the entire stream below and brace yourself for two huge hits: “Hail Mary” and a live performance with Snoop Dogg during “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted”

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