Iamamiwhoami Unleash the Next Chapter of Kin with “In Due Order”

Iamamiwhoami In Due OrderIamamiwhoami In Due Order

Track by Track: ;john | Clump | Sever | Drops | Good Worker | Play | In Due Order | Idle Talk | Rascal | Kill

In continuance of releasing one song/visual aspect from Iamamiwhoami’s debut album Kin until it’s anticipated June 11th, 2012 release, the band is forwarding their consistency and examining experimentation by quietly releasing one of the more minimal put together tracks, “In Due Order”.

The more important aspect of this song is the music video of which accompanies the song. It’s more of a performance piece when placed in line with he filmography of Iamami so far, with a strict dance direction and a minimalistic approach to cinematography. Jonna Lee bounces to the track amateur-esque in several close up scenes while giving away the attitude and stylish presentation of a futuristic 90’s Rocker and sportively holds the clumps (or mops, large hairballs, weird stringy things..whatever you call them) in the palm of her hand by appointing them supporting background dancer positions in a white room with an Ikea looking shelf set intimidatingly standing in the room perfectly aligned, properly aligned.

The video could also be viewed in the opposite direction, with the clumps leading Lee into a false sense of security to believe she’s a part of them and that everything will be okay. After all, as the lyrics state, “we don’t ask you to give all, it won’t make us more than what is reflected.”

Collaboration between all aspects of “In Due Order” is extremely apparent in that it all has a very nominal point of view. The majority of the instrumentation focuses around simplified, rehashed melodies that repetitively chug in conjunction with the rhythmic portions the track and hold a unified, musically theoretical connection. Several cleverly programmed synthesizers make their way to the song’s core, including a high pitched, semi-hoover sounding synth that comes in through the the middle portion of the song. It’s slide-effect greatly makes the sonics pop a bit before the heavy-kick and bass make their way into the track to give it it’s quick, industrial vibe. The last melody, though repetitive as well, that comes in through “In Due Order” also adds to the track’s chaos.

It’s only when two sections of the song break away from the traditional song structure that a sense of intrigue spikes up in the mix. Once, when all instruments stop and Jonna lets out a rapid “ah!” and another moment toward the end of the track when a  measure of trickling melody, four to the floor kick, and 2 & 4 snare take a swift hold and control the direction of the Iamamiwhoami production.

“In Due Order” clocks in at a quick three minutes and twenty-four seconds, but it’s song structure follows that of a pop song so closely that it seems to end all too quickly without really going that far into sonic territory. While it’s not their best, it inanimately remains concrete and will most likely sound great once the full tracklisting flow of Kin is thrusted upon us.

Track Rating: 2.5/5

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