Dirty Projectors Announce New Album – Debut New Single, “Gun Has No Trigger”

Dirty Projectors Gun Has No TriggerDomino Records signed and noteworthy indie rock band Dirty Projectors have stayed quiet for two years but seem to be setting up to release their latest project Swing Low Magellan, which is slated for a July 10th, 2012 release.

Sadly, word has hit the news cycle that bassist,  Angel Deradoorian is taking a hiatus from the band (she’s one of the two female vocals you hear on their vocally show stopping “Stillness Is The Move” from 2009’s Bitte Orca), but guitarist Dave Longstreth is still creatively crafting the band by writing, recording, producing, and mixing the summer due album with the rest of the group: Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle, Nat Baldwin, and Brian McOmber.

Last year, Spin magazine had a change to sit down with Longstreth to discuss the upcoming record in which he stated “A lot of the songs are about horror or fear. It just didn’t feel right to be making this super exuberant music. It might just be that I was up here in the fucking winter when it was light three hours a day and there’s three feet of snow on the ground.”

“Gun Has No Trigger” kicks off the dark record as first single from Swing Low… and is a clear indication that the band has maintained it’s stripped down, indie stylings (complete with some of the most in your face, combatting percussion instrumentation in the industry as of lately) but is clearly a bit more dismal. The female background vocals and bass melody line even give it a slight tirp-hop sounding vibe!

A song about the if’s in life defines the downing territory that the band seems to be taking. During the last verse of the track, a powerful last stanza states “They watch you sleeping. You watch their garbage cook. You’d weep a bowl of tears, if you had looked”.

The one thing missing from this song is the sparse melodic guitars that have become a staple in the Dirty Projectors sound, but we aren’t complaining. They’d sound quite out of place on this track. It’s perfect the way it is and we’re looking forward to the record!

Swing Low Magellan tracklisting:
Offspring Are Blank
About to Die
Gun Has No Trigger
Swing Lo Magellan
Just From Chevron
Dance For You
Maybe That Was It
Impregnable Question
See What She Seeing
The Socialites
Unto Caesar
Irresponsible Tune

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