Marilyn Manson Premiere “No Reflection” Video In Preparation of New “Born Villain” Record

Marilyn Manson No Reflection CoverThe past few albums from the always controversial industrial rock band Marliyn Manson have suffered conflicted reviews from critics, but if the newly premiered “No Reflection” contains any indication on what’s to come on the new record Born Villain (due out May 1st, 2012 via Cooking Vinyl Limited) it’s a safe bet that the album, which Twiggy Ramirez quoted as saying sounds like the punk rock musings of Mechanical Animalswill catapult the band back up to acclaimed status.

Even from the YouTube stream of the music video for “No Reflection” it’s hard to deny the outstandingly abrasive mixing techniques of the song is one of the many reasons it’s becoming as reportedly good as it is. There’s clear frequency space for all of it’s chaos, with the song not sounding muddy in any shape or form. From the hi-cut on the kick, to the mid-range guitars and vox up final outcome, there’s no flaw stopping this track from kicking the hell out of the listeners ears.

It’s song structure also adds to the charm of “No Reflection” with it’s breakdowns from chorus to verse, and an interesting semi-droning guitar melody (thanks to what sounds like delay usage) that makes a surprise appearance at the end of the song and breaks the song away from it’s core and introduces one final new piece to the puzzle, which plays the song out.

Always moody and dark, it’s no surprise that there are lines such as “I’m weak seven days a week” and “You don’t even want to know what I’m going to do to you” but the catchy background vocal chant that appears throughout the duration of this first single really helps drive the vibe home and add to the refreshing taste of blood that’s pouring out of the poor girl’s mouth in the music video.

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