Clark Releases Music Video For “Black Stone”

Chris Clark

While you’re gearing up for our review of Iradelphic by Electronic artist and Warp signed Clark, take a second to view the gorgeous video for the piano-only track “Black Stone”.

In this five minute epic, we watch a film by The Vikings where warmly dressed, scruffy man trudge through a blistering cold forest to find a black stone in which he turns over. Under the stone lies a peep hole that shows an underground room with a piano and the always good looking clark a shirtless, balding old man, who plays the song for us.

The soundscape was also done by Chris Clark.

The video is hauntingly beautiful and worth a view or two (or three, or four). Be on the lookout for the 2020k review of Iradelphic making its way onto our site in the next few days!

*Photo from Clark’s performance at La Machine du Moulin Rouge 

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