Norah Jones Collaborates With Danger Mouse On New Record, Premieres “Happy Pills”

Slated for a May 1st, 2012 release, …Little Broken Hearts is the first studio album from the extremely talented jazz/pop songstress Norah Jones since 2009’s The Fall. While all of her albums are vastly different than one another, it still comes as a surprise that Jones grabbed the one-half of Gnarls Barkley producer Brian Burton, or Danger Mouse (Sparklehorse, Gorillaz, Martina Topley-Bird, The Grey Album) as sole producer and co-writer of the 12 song project.

Not only is the musical content a shock, but the album cover (seen above) trades in the visually light and monochromatic themed displays featured on her last four records for a mid-60’s Mudhoney (click) inspired poster themed look. From the press release surrounding this upcoming record, Norah states Burton’s Russ Meyer poster collection as the main inspiration for the change. She recalls staring at the Mudhoney poster throughout the entirety of the recording process of the album and thinking “That’s so cool! I want to look like her.”

“Happy Pills” is the first debut off the record, via the Official Norah Jones Soundcloud page and while it’s certainly another departure, it stays close enough in line with her  sonic-exploratory The Fall and some of Jones’ hip-hop collaborations that we can see, respect, and understand the evolutionary direction this album seems to be heading in.

As with most of Norah’s records, her lyrics aren’t complex. There aren’t deep metaphors that spark the brain for hours on end and all of her phrases within her songs normally take immediate focus on the first listen. This is no exception on “Happy Pills” and is one of the main reasons we love Norah as an artist and love this song!

After a brief introduction, the music pauses while Norah proudly sings a heartbroken, but stern kiss goodbye, stating “Tryin’ to pick up the pace, tryin’ to make it so I never see your face again. Time to throw this away, wanna make sure you never waste my time again. How does it feel? Oh, how does it feel to be you right now, dear? You broke this apart, so pick up your piece and go away from here. Please just let me go, now. Please just let me go.”

Not many writers can get to the core of an issue with every line of the track and stay as focused as Norah. It’s certainly a plus that musically, the track’s melodic compliments and grounded percussion all mold together to create a unified piece of an extremely concentrated and lovely piece of art.

The track listing for the …Little Broken Hearts is below and we can also expect one huge, extensive and confirmed tour in promotion of it!

1. Good Morning
2. Say Goodbye
3. Little Broken Hearts
4. She’s 22
5. Take It Back
6. After The Fall
7. 4 Broken Hearts
8. Travelin’ On
9. Out On The Road
10. Happy Pills
11. Miriam
12. All A Dream

Check out another clip from the record, “Travelin’ On” live and being recorded in the actual studio (joy!) and pre-order your copy of …Little Broken Hearts by clicking here! (and here for all you vinyl lovers).

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