The Gorillaz Team Up With James Murphy & Andre 3000 for “DoYaThing”

GorillazConverse is promoting music through it’s company by continuing a campaign entitled  3 artists, 1 song. It’s a spotlight of sorts and all of it’s installments thus far have been great. It’s latest features Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 on a collective track entitled “DoYaThing”.

“DoYaThing” continues in the same vein as Plastic Beach in that it contains a more stripped down, but speedy electro-rock vibe. It’s a feel good track that we’d rather be experienced and watched by the listener than properly reviewed.

None of these artists ever disappoint. Ever. ..And this is absolutely no exception.

The video? Brilliant as usual. You can watch it below and snag a free download of the radio edit version of the track by clicking here. There’s also a rockin’ 13 minute version of the song that is currently streaming over at 107.7 The End that had Andre 3000 exclaiming “I take a piss cause I’m the shit.”

The high energy of the extended track is hard to ignore and we’re glad a lot of artists are breaking out of the radio friendly 3-4 minute tracks to experiment and really have fun with their craft.

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1 Response to The Gorillaz Team Up With James Murphy & Andre 3000 for “DoYaThing”

  1. CASSiUS says:

    I hated this song at first, but after listening to it a couple of times, it really grows on you. And yeah…have to agree on the length of some “radio friendly” song. Artists should always experiment whether it’s length, style or song in general.

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