Deadmau5 Digitally Releases “Maths” And Teases with Several Progressive Streams

Deadmau5Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) juggles his busy schedule quite well. He’s able to hop on UStream and chat with legions of fans, go to the doctors (we hope you’re okay!), release streams of songs via his Soundcloud page, wear Skrillex‘s number on his T-shirt on the red carpet at the 2012 Grammy’s, and perform. All this and more while his house is being renovated to incorporate a bigger home studio. “Maths” is a song debuted more than a year ago on a live performance with MuchMusic and has finally gotten it’s official release on iTunes and Beatport in support of his new CD/DVD combo, Meowingtons Hax 2k11 Live In Toronto release.

Longer than the initial debut of the song, “Maths” plays out as a slow progressive build up in the vein of Daft Punk synthesizers and great stereo percussion samples. The majority of the mix sounds centered, though it’s not. But it’s subtle use of panning creates great atmosphere and really opens the track up to sound as if it has more space in it does.

The TT Dynamic Range Meter spits out an average range of 5dB, which is great sounding for a mainstream house track in 2012 (remember, we stated that the the Zedd Remix of “Marry The Night” has a horrible dB range of 2).

The synth layers are where you really notice the panning and the great attention to detail when playing, programming, and producing the track. “Maths” sounds thin upon it’s first minute and a half, but it’s because each instrument has EQ’s and effects carefully mapped out to ensure there aren’t any frequencies that will be fighting with each other once the track reaches it’s ultimate peak. The original, guitar sounding synth is mid ranged, the kick is low, the synth-bass is low-mid, and the track continues to beautifully build from there.

It reaches it’s ultimate peak when the higher octave synth comes in to play at the 2 minute mark and marries the mid-range melody line mentioned in the previous paragraph. Suddenly, everything makes complete sonic sense and when the reverb drone brings back in the percussive elements, “Maths” is unleashed in a full throttle dance fury and an assault on your brain to move your feet (just don’t let it teach your brain anything but to dance, because 12 + 12 + 12 is not 4).

Beyond “Maths,” Zimmerman’s Fuckmylife soundcloud handle has uploads of work in progress tracks like “Get In The October Cart, Pig“. It’s an almost 9 minute emotional build up worth a few full listens. It morphs from minimal dance beat, to emotional chill-out house build up, to progressive trance glory. It’s the more melodically thoughtful songs like this track and the April 2011 released “HR 8938 Cephei” (iTunes) that really hit the nail on the head and put Mau5 a step ahead from his current contemporaries.

Closer” also explores more electronic ground by building an initial track off of an ambient-house hybrid before automating in a grumbling snyth-bass and several other layers. Drums kick and and we can’t help but imagine someone like Imogen Heap lamenting over the rough track. The two apparently did some work together back in 2011 under the working title “Telemisscommunications,” (Twitter). Perhaps, we’re just eagerly anticipating this pairing to see the light of day.

Whatever is in store for Mau5 fans in the future, we’re sure from all of the comments on his Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter profiles that the army of supporters are absolutely ready. If Joel keeps expanding his musical boundaries, there’s no trap stopping him from success and Electronic brilliance.

“Maths” [iTunes]
Purchase “Maths” [Beatport] <– Lossless!
Purchase Meowingtons Hax 2k11 Live From Toronto [Hot Topic]

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