Telepopmusik Confirms “The World Can Be Yours” For Upcoming Album

UPDATE 6/14/2013 Telepopmusik have announced the Try Me Anyway/Fever EP. Click here for details!

While Telepopmusik are finishing up the 17 songs for their new album (reportedly out this year), they’re sometimes posting bootleg remixes and snippets of old and new tracks for us to check out. We’re all patient waiters here, after all, it’s been seven years since the trio and guest vocalists blessed us with the perfect 2005 release, Angel Milk and we’re happy to hear that the song “The World Can Be Yours” will be featured on the new untitled record!

“The World Can Be Yours” is an unreleased minimal chillout electronic track from the group that was given to the leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus for use in promotion of their company. Apparently, it’s also the boarding and landing music for Air France travelers. While the version used on the advertizements is lovely, Telepopmusik confirmed that the version on the album will be a completely new version.

“Say it out loud, what’s on your mind today.
Sing me a song, give it a try right now.

Look how it’s bright, open your door to see.
The world can be yours, something to keep in mind.

Follow my steps, I’ll help you to find your way.
There’s always a choice, you’ll know deep inside. Just wait, just wait.”

Well, I consider myself to be a huge Telepopmusik enthusiast and even I didn’t know about this track. Hope I opened some new eyes to it as well. There’s a few downloads of it sprinkled throughout the internet if you look hard enough and a million streams available, including the one below.

Enjoy and click here to be directed to the 40 second preview of another track off the anticipated release, a track called “Try Me Anyway”.

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8 Responses to Telepopmusik Confirms “The World Can Be Yours” For Upcoming Album

  1. gundam says:

    thanks.very good blog and very good share.

  2. CASSiUS says:

    Yes! Can’t wait for the new album…BTW this site is incredible!

  3. Koji says:

    I always listen this song when I flight from Paris by Air France.

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  5. Krystall says:

    Thank you for your sharing. I love this song much :x. I’ve been searching its beat but no result unfortunately. I wanna sing this song.

  6. Garfield says:

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