Ilia Darlin Releases “Hit Me” Video

Rising Greek pop star Ilia Darlin has been steadily working on her debut album around the world for a bit now and for the first time we get a sneak peak into the direction of her record is heading toward with the premiere of her video “Hit Me”.

One thing that’s become apparent is that Ms. Darlin likes color in her image and the schemes that appear throughout the video are some of the most eye catching moments, especially the end scene with the contrasting warm and cold colors (sound Lynch, anyone?).

The direction of “Hit Me” (with music by Sunny Berhane, Djahmyne Stewart, Billy Mann, and David Schuler) is simplistic and raw, much like the pop music we’ve seen from Ilia so far. It’s a stray from the information-overload we’re presented with in most Top 40 tracks today and a return to music that’s presented in a form that’s more tangible. A reliance on melody and lyrical content to summarize a feeling in a 3 minute and 25 second song run.

We’re still very interested in what Ilia is bringing to the table and are glad to present you with some music to go along with the interview we had with her in which she granted us the words of wisdom “Don’t let any fucker tell you what you can or can’t do.”

We won’t tell her what she can or can’t do, but we can kindly suggest that she continue hitting us with these great genuine pop tracks.

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