Clark Announces new album, Iradelphic – Gives “Com Touch” away as free download

Com TouchExperimental, Electronic, Warp signed artist Clark presented a challenge to himself while making the forthcoming Iradelphic (due out in the United States on April 3rd, 2012) by attempting to make an album that sounded different than his previous releases, but still unmistakably him. According to a segment of the new press release regarding this project, the ambition brought him on a journey across countries and finding himself deep within a plethora of diverse gear.

He states, “I don’t think I’ve ever recorded in so many diverse locations; there was a lot of field recording going on in Snape, Sussex, harpsichords and orchestral drums. All recorded with a variety of tools. From £8k Cold War microphones, bling studio set ups, to laptop microphones, crumbling cassettes, Dictaphones. It all got used.”

Crumbling cassettes? Laptop microphones? Cold War Microphones? It all sounds like a lo-fi experience we’re ready to experience and if the free MP3 of “Com Touch” off the upcoming record is any indication of the recording techniques and sonics we should expect from Iradelphic, you can count us in.

Then again, what fan of Electronic music isn’t ready for a new release by Chris Clark? Totems Flare was released in 2009!

“Com Touch” is a synthesizer fan’s dream. There are melodies, on top of melodies, on top of melodies. The stereo image is used greatly to pan these lines out and if you’re listening through headphones, there are several delays that are wonderfully used to create both dark and light atmospheres, especially upon the synths that are played in a higher octave. These synths have a delay panned throughout the left and right channels that throw the song off in a chaotically organized manner, sounding off, but correct and wonderful at the same time.

And just wait..the breakdown around 3:25. We dare you to hate on the engineering that went into creating this distorted, feedback enabled masterpiece. It plays out like a 21st century glitch bomb and continues the battle field with distorted, slapback delayed, minimal percussive instrumentation as looped synth melodies and floating pads play the song out in it’s final 30+ seconds.

The anticipation surrounding this record is well worth the wait! Check out the tracklisting for the record below and catch your free download of “Com Touch”

1 – Henderson Wrench
2 – Com Touch
3 – Tooth Moves
4 – Skyward Bruise / Descent
5 – Open
6 – Secret
7 – Ghosted
8 – Black Stone
9 – The Pining pt. 1
10 – The Pining pt. 2
11 – The Pining pt. 3
12 – Broken Kite Footage

Download “Com Touch” here.

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