Infrasound: xSDTRK’s Party is Filled With Sharp Knife “Chaos”

xSDTRK Chaos ArtWant nightmares? Check out the artwork for Yonatan Ayal, aka xSDTRK‘s latest musical piece, “Chaos”.

Want to live those nightmares? Those awesome, dense electronic nightmares? Listen to the song itself, created by multi-instrumentalist.

As part of an upcoming project called the Canvas EP, “Chaos” reigns in a progressive look inside an electronic world that’s seemingly un-illuminated, built from disillusioned party talk, and scorched inside unfeigned pandemonium. xSDTRK paints the after-hours feeling of combatant disruption through a progressive song structure, bordering along a more impenetrable expansion of Burial experimentation, and a lingering vibe that’s reminiscent of the quiet moments in “Tetsuo: The Bullet Man Theme [listen]” from industrial-crossover veterans Nine Inch Nails.

All roots aside, Ayal’s capability as a producer and composer continue to show absolute strength, and countless instances of sonic expansion that portray kosher despair in deeply emotive blood, as much as it shows technically skill.

Jump into the Chaos below, grab the free download, and follow xSDTRK on Twitter and Facebook.

Welcome to the party.

If you missed our feature on Toronto based xSDTRK last year [here], then here’s your chance to hop on board again.

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