Northern Lights: The Foreign Films, Colornoise, Ohio, Morgan Doctor

The Foreign Films

This is a monthly infrasound guest post by Amber Waves over at Open ‘Til Midnight. Inside of these issues are five tracks – mostly independent acts from Canada – that have found their way onto Waves’ radar. Be sure to check out this month’s posting by 2020k on OTM’s blog monthly as well with the same premise, called Hidden Gems.

Happy February, 2020k!  If you’re reading this on posting day, allow me a little pride strut as Team Canada is leading the medals board for the first time EVER.  Rah!  Aren’t our skiing sisters the coolest?  I adore their support of each other.

Being as I’m feeling a little international, allow me to share a mix of tracks from all over the world to brighten those snowy commutes (or, for you lucky souls in warmer climates, accompany your sunshine-y days) and get you grooving.

“In Between Living And Dying” – Morgan Doctor

With an impressive resume stretching back to age 10, when she first laid hands on drumsticks, Toronto’s Morgan Doctor is a force to be reckoned with.  Having shared stages and touring line-ups with The Cliks, Cyndi Lauper, Tegan and Sara and Andy Kim, Morgan also creates her own solo works.  On her third album, Major Over Minor, Doctor locked herself away and chose to craft an instrumental album.  The results are subtly confessional and intriguing listens.  Have a listen to one of my favourites, a tune evocative of the darkest days of the year.

“Fall Of The Summer Heart” – The Foreign Films

Hamilton’s The Foreign Films has carved out this wonderful new genre of sound you might call “cutting-edge nostalgic”. Blending the timeless sounds of the 60′s greats who created a path for generations of artists with ingenious electronic elements, the man behind the moniker — Bill Majoros — has built a world where the familiar pulls the heart in while the innovative engages the mind.  Foreshadowing his forthcoming new album, single “Fall Of The Summer Heart” is a 13-minute song cycle and it’s stunning — the ambitiousness of the concept truly pays off for listeners.

“No Name” – Colornoise

Costa Rica’s Colornoise bill themselves as experimental noise rock, but don’t mistake them for the hipster sort of the genre (I’m looking at you, old school Sonic Youth).  Think of them more as the introspective stoners who toe the line between traditional prog and more of a meandering post-rock.  Their latest album, Polychronic is a series of cautionary messages about societal control, conformity and a failure to embrace what we love fully.

“Face To Face” – Ohio

Contrary to their moniker, Ohio hails from Toronto, although the sly hints of rockabilly beneath their synth rock might conjure up the Delta more readily than the dusted hills of snow I glare at on my daily commute.  Known for their playful and sardonic lyrical sense (aside:  they’ve written a song about Rob Ford — excited, RJ?), “Face To Face” is an odd track with no album to call home that doesn’t want to belong to your status quo of albums anyway.  So there.

“Stand By Me” – Playing For Change

This song isn’t new.  This version is six years old.  So why am I sharing it right now?

Well, it’s a bad-ass cover.  Let’s be real.  It’s true to the original without lacking in its own spirit and flavour.  What makes it truly remarkable and inspiring at this time is the way it was assembled:  each musician was added piece by piece as the song traveled the globe.  The result:  a piece of music that unites us all in message and in its existence alone.

In thinking of Sochi and the atrocious way LGBTQ people are being treated, in examining the highly questionable financial decisions made by Russia and the pockets lined, it’s heartwarming to see our athletes focused on sports, on a universal language of hope and hard work.  It’s amazing to see artists like tatu take a risk and push the limits of restraint.

No matter where you are, 2020k readers, stand by the ones you love and the ones who need our love all over the world.

Be sure to swing by Open ‘Til Midnight, where 2020k shares his own highlights of the month! 

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I'm a music junkie, a horror movie buff, and a potty mouth. I collect rescued abused cats, and give them names like Gravity, Mimi and Kali. They are my furbabies. Cats are superior to humans, you know. Mine are, anyway. I live for music, speak in song. I'm a survivor, a spoonie and a sleepless girl. Words are my jail and they are my freedom, and you'll find me using them on blogs, social media and sometimes, in novels. Maybe I'll tell you about them one day.
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