Tears For Fears Announce New Record & Cover Animal Collective’s “My Girls”

Tears For Fears - My Girls Animal Collective Cover 2020kIt’s been far too long since we’ve last heard from perfect synth-pop duo Tears For Fears. To be exact, it’s been six years since we’ve had a new record from the bunch.

After a rather dismal article from The Guardian back in 2010 where Curt Smith stated “labels won’t back us,” we’re asking you forget that notion because the two are back to rule the world! Recently, we’ve seen the two cover the likes of Arcade Fire and Hot Chip, now to prove that things come in threes, a cover of “My Girls” by Animal Collective has been thrown into the mix.

Also, check out their official Facebook for the “My Girls” announcement and this little nugget of information: “And finally… we’d like to officially announce that we are writing and recording new original material to be released in 2014!”

Along with this is an official video directed by Vinyl Williams. Watch below!

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