Mazzy Star Announce Their First Album in Seventeen Years!

Mazzy Star
2013 truly is the year of the comeback.

After an astounding seventeen year break, Mazzy Star has announced Seasons Of Your Day which is due out on September 24th, 2013. It includes songs by all original members as well as a collaboration with Bert Jansch, who died in 2011 and My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig.

What’s gone on since this long break? The band united to play a slew of European shows in 2011, while front woman Hope Sandoval collaborated with The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Air, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

If “California,” the band’s lead single off this project is anything to go off of, the follow up to 1996’s Among the Stars is sure to be filled with unplugged-sounding dream pop goodies we’ve learned to love.

While you’re at it, check out their fancy Twitter and Facebook accounts. Currently, the twitter account is at 283 followers.

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