Amel Larrieux Announces First Album in Seven Years: “Ice Cream Everyday”

Amel Larrieux Ice Cream Everday

Not counting 2007’s cover LP Lovely Standards, it’s been seven years since our ears have been blessed with original tunes from independent R&B artist Amel Larrieux, which is, well, far too long. Now, on August 27th, 2013, comes the follow up to the last release (Morning) with Ice Cream Everyday.

Although the 80’s inspired cover and happy-go-lucky album title seems like this project could be a stray from the well-thoughtout music we’ve come to love about Larrieux since the Groove Theory days, don’t be alarmed! “Afraid,” the first single from the record and most added urban AC track of the week, sounds like a proper follow up and brilliantly engineered continuation of the immaculate discography this songbird has stacked up through the years.

“I dream of you nights, daytime too,” Larrieux sings over top of a repetitive kick and snare track, funk bass, and euphoric, flowing pads. There’s lovely delay effects all throughout the song, including fantastic play on the first verse. It’s an apprehensive, but optimistic love song with progressive mixing techniques and an impressive unfolding composition that incorporates the smooth, signature Amel sound. It’s impossible to be afraid of this track, especially with the sly, stripped opening second verse section.

Currently, “Afraid” is available on iTunes now and there’s an exclusive deluxe edition of Ice Cream Everyday on that contains three bonus mixes.

Amel Larrieux is relieved to share this with us and we’re excited to have it. The rapture stirring inside of this track is certainly refreshing.

PS Follow Amel Larrieux on Twitter. So much positivity and love! And be sure to follow 2020k on Twitter & Facebook for all of the developing updates on Ice Cream Everyday.

What’s your favorite flavor? Give me cotton candy.

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