Music Business: Last Chance to Buy a Physical Copy of Esthero’s “Everything Is Expensive”

Esthero Everything is Expensive
As if art couldn’t imitate life more than it already has for Esthero’s wonderfully written,  produced, and engineered Everything is Expensive project. The critically acclaimed songstress went independent for the release of her third record and while it was clear that the financial situation to put it all together was strict, it seems as though it’s hindered one of the most prestigious aspects of an album: the physical product.

Esthero posted a letter to her fans on on March 24th, 2013 stating that she has 72 copies of her third record Everything is Expensive to ship out to fans. 36 of them will stay with her for the future, other editions will be available to Canadian shops while they last. But, elsewhere? Gone (and we’re not talking about her collaboration with Cee-Lo Green from Wikked Lil’ Grrrls).

In her own words: “I have no current plans to print up any more, so this is it…for the foreseeable future. Don’t get me wrong – I love physical CD’s. I love to open them up and look at the artwork and read all the credits and stuff: and fuck me if they don’t sound way better than an mp3 – it’s just…. I’m not in the majority. It’s pretty pricey to manufacture them and truly a luxury for an indie artist.”

To read the letter in it’s entirety and purchase a physical copy of the album, please head over to her page. This is depressing, but sadly a reality.

In lighter news, it does look like from the post that we’re receiving a couple more remixes before this era fizzles out. You can also look for an article I’m working on to celebrate the 15th release of her immaculate trip-hop debut Breath From Another. And if you missed it, there’s a pretty in-depth interview I had with her back in November 2012.

Purchase from or iTunes. Read the 2020k review of the record here.

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