Album of the Year, 2020k In Review & Music Video Announcement


Wow, guys. This year was insane and I don’t know how to put it into words much. But, I’m going to try. First and foremost, the album I’ve listened to and appreciated the most this year is Bloom by Beach House. Everything from the album packaging, to the songwriting/composition and production, to the engineering and overall presentation of the art for this record is absolutely phenomenal. It’s being named 2020k’s album of the year so pick up a physical copy, please. It’s stunning and impossible to be disappointed by!

Beach House Bloom

1. The 2020k Facebook page hit 100 fans in April (to which I celebrated by giving away a few iTunes gift cards) and more recently the page has hit the 200 mark. Thank you. I wouldn’t be blogging if it weren’t for the support that’s been given to me from the readers. When the Facebook page hits another number, there will be another giveaway. The number is predictably secret.

2. Some of those likes came as a result of my music. This year was outrageous for me. I played two wonderful shows in Pittsburgh, PA that was met with a surprisingly warm response each time. In fact, the crowd at the second show was basically demanding an encore! I would’ve gladly given it to you, but time constraints with the venue prohibited it. My apologies for those who came out to that event..the show was cut short. But, if the opportunity to play again arises, then you’ll all be the first to know.

Rex Theater 2020k Afton Shows

3. As a result of the show, I was able to release two music videos. One for “Slightest Touch (2020k Remix)” in which I used stock footage from a public domain film called Sex Madness and “Transends” by Kinesthetiac from his record Fields of Thought. Are you ready for a little announcement? The video for “Contagion” is being released in late winter or early spring. Daggervision Films has officially hopped on board for direction and production of the video and we’re going to start filming and editing extremely soon.

4. I also released a taste of my own studio work through Bandcamp. The 2020k EP was reviewed by OTMBlog, featured on Daggervision Films Horror Talk RadioNoise Cave, The Electro Blog, and Klubbace (where they cutely called it cozy ambient electronica!) Two wonderful interviews were held with OTMBlog and Ross Auger in promotion for the project as well.

5. Speaking of Ross, I got to interview him too (mainly about his Wet Eyes releases) as part of a double sided interview project. Along with him, I spoke to and held giveaways with Origamibiro and Esthero. My favorite giveaway though was the Iamamiwhoami kin giveaway. All of the responses were wonderful and as someone who looks at what they’ve accomplished in two years in awe, it was great to see you all on such an in depth page.

2020k EP

6. So what’s next? Well, aside from a new website I just launched for 2020k and the above announcement  “Contagion” video, there will be a Remix EP released for the song as well. Wet Eyes, Kinesthetiac, and Kamas have hopped on board for reinterpretations of the songs and will be released in late winter. There’s also a more polished version of the track that will be included, as well as a new take on the concept of the song.

After that? Hopefully a lot more. I’ll be making the move to Los Angeles with some friends in the summer in continuation of music and the audio industry. There’s been a few entries on this blog where I’ve been quite sad at the lack of opportunity in the Pittsburgh area so I am ready to assault California with all I have to offer. Ilia Darlin has already promised me a scrumptious cupcake! It’s all gearing up to be a fresh & great start and I hope to have a lot to blog about along the way!

Once again, thank you. Thank you is not enough. Happy New Year.

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