Esthero Launches Pledgemusic page To Help Release “Everything Is Expensive”

Remember that time when we were going to post the video to Esthero’s “Never Gonna Let You Go” but didn’t? Well, that’s because we were too busy tweeting back and forth with her about the time my best friend ripped the head off of my Geri Halliwell Spice Girl doll because it was staring at me too much so I thought it was possessed. So whatchu think about that? Now you know how I feel…

Don’t judge me…Esthero used to paint their faces like Alice Cooper, chop off their hair, and hang them from the freaking ceiling. It’s true, it’s true, you can read the hilarious exchange if you click here.

In digression, the pink pirate has decided to go completely independent with her newest release Everything Is Expensive (save for Canadian distribution through Universal Records) and in true life imitating art fashion she’s politely asked the fans for a bit of financial support by opening a page through

There’s a cheeky video at the top of the page followed by a ton of fantastic rewards Esthero has set up for individuals who donate a certain dollar amount. Do you want a signed CD? Do you want Esthero to play Uno with you in an LA coffee shop? Or, maybe you’d want her to call you and sing a lullaby?! Well, you can have all of those dreams come true and more with a simple donation in helping support the release of her third full length album. The funds also go toward getting together a band and rehearsal space for an upcoming tour.

Part of the proceeds also go to The Van Ness Recovery House.

C’mon. If you’ve followed my musical career you’ll see that I just released an EP via CD-R format and put together two budget live shows in an ironic sort of art imitating life  fashion, so you understand this struggle (if you’re tardy to the party please click here). I’ll be throwing some funds over to one of my favorite musicians, though it won’t be much, but she deserves it! She’s brought us the classic Breath From Another album for God’s sake!

Also, if you read down the right side of the pledges it looks like “How Do I Get You Alone” is confirmed for Everything is Expensive. Awesome!


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