Sine Waves: Things I Will Miss & Things I Will Miss

Oh, hello there! Did you hear Beach House has a new record out? It’s true. I’m listening to Bloom right now and it’s quite good. However, this little blip is an informational quickie to inform all you awesome Other People that I will be On The Sea, heading to the actual beach for the first time in my life this week! So, I will be taking a break from spreading news to the world about the latest musical happenings.

Who knew that the week I would be going on vacation that the music world would prepare to blow up and release a whole bunch of stuff?! Not Me. So, I’ve compiled a little list of things I will miss while being away and things I will miss.

Things I Will Miss While Being Away

1.) Our bi-weekly mystery game Nancy Drew, best known as Iamamiwhoami will release their eighth installment of Kin called “Kill”. Of course, you’ll be able to watch the video on Tuesday here, purchase it on iTunes on Wednesday, and read ForsakenOrder’s beautiful video analysis of it as well. It’s already leaked..but hopefully you’re waiting it out like a good clump should.

2.) Garbage will physically release Not Your Kind Of People on May 22nd, 2012. Pick up your copy on iTunes now or hop on over to Amazon to get a CD. It’s their first full studio release in seven years and sounds great from what’s gone through my ears so far.

3.) Coney Island queen Lana Del Rey is gearing up for her next single “National Anthem” and shot a video for it. A few weeks ago it was said to be “Summertime Sadness,” but it seems as though both are getting proper releases and we’re not complaining. Born to Die is one of the best releases of 2012 and both songs are dynamite. Am I right?

4.) Donna Summers shockingly passed away. I don’t really do too much coverage on celebrity deaths as they happen. I feel as though the media as a whole does enough of it,  and a bit insincerely sometimes. So, a simple Tweet or small Facebook post from me is enough to suffice my immediate condolences and hopefully remind people to Feel Love. Rest in peace, Disco Queen.

5.) Alternative rock veteran Alanis Morissette released a lyric video to an okay new song called “Guardian” which is the single off Havoc and Bright Lights. Album is slated for release August 28th. She’s embarked on an International Tour. No United States dates are out yet.

6.) Kinesthetiac released a track called Fowur and a new EP entitled Cout Miny Candy which you can get at his Soundcloud. Read more about the little prodigy in our Infrasound artcle about him.

7.) We’re no closer to a new Boards of Canada album than we were the day after Trans Canada Highway came out in 2006. It’d like to say this as A Moment of Clarity, but it’s more like we’re all waiting for someone to Open The $#%&ing Light. Oh well, I’m off to see The Beach At Redpoint so I’ll be too busy with my Sunshine Recorder to Stand Alone waiting for Pete. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…

Things I Will Miss While Being Away

For those who don’t know, I currently reside in a small suburban city an hour outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s quaint and all of my friends & family are here, but I honestly don’t think I’ll miss much outside of them. I graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences with a degree in Audio Engineering in May 2009, and unfortunately had to flee back to my hometown because of financial troubles (school ain’t cheap, yanno). It’s now officially three years later and I’ve worked a slew of low paying jobs in hopes of being able to relocate to a metropolitan area and work my way from the bottom into the recording industry as a studio engineer.

It’s a difficult, stressful, daunting, and all around maddening situation that I’m still steadily searching to remedy. I’ve been full steam searching for apartments in and around New York and Los Angeles and looking for interesting jobs I could take while inquiring with studios. But, how can anybody pay rent out there?

The few odd studio jobs around the area were great to me, but they never had any room to keep their interns. I’ve been a walking, non-paid intern bouncing from studios for three years. Let’s face it, Pittsburgh isn’t exactly the place to be for the music/audio industry as a whole.

I think right now all I need is a short, budgeted vacation with some great people for a week. Then, back to the grind..

Don’t miss me too much! I’ll put lots of Instagram’d pictures up, 140 character Tweets if anything musically massive or amazing happens, and perhaps some drunk musings in regards to how much I love Rihanna (specifically this) and what I would do with Justin Timberlake if he were sharing a hotel room with me. PEACE!

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