Esthero To Release First Single In Seven Years On June 5th!


Holy shit! Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t know much but brace yourselves because the pink pirate, studio rat, designer geared Toronto kid, Hollywood brat, bad gal, war child, boomworm, Sierra Leon activist cat, Wikked Little Gal! herself Esthero is gearing up to release her first single in nearly seven years on June 5th, 2012.

What do we know about the album, so far? Next to nothing. However, “Black Mermaid”may make an appearance on the untitled project. You can currently stream that song via her official Blog.

Live Ustream sessions were also held which featured Esthero in the studio with engineer Franny Graham (which my longtime Twitter friend and myself adoringly renamed Fran-E in the chat and brought small laughs to the session) in which we heard a snippet of a track tentatively titled “How Do I Get You Alone”. Though it’s not confirmed, we’d love to hear it!

Esthero (or Jenny-Bea Englishman known outside of the stage) hasn’t been completely absent from the spotlight. We received a co-write to the title track of Brandy’s 2008 release Human, three co-writes on Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak (“Love Lockdown.” “RoboCop,” and “Street Light”), features on Timbaland’s Shock Value II (“Can You Feel It” and “Undertow”), as well as a few tracks here and there that were uploaded for purchase and stream from the official Myspace.

We also know that “Believer,” which was featured on Esthero’s Myspace page a few years ago and featured background vocals by Brandy will not be featured on the album (as confirmed by Englishman’s Formspring).

The Myspace tracks are unfortunately gone due to unauthorized ripping and distribution of the songs. You can read more about that in an emotional entry here. Hey, you’d be mad too, right?

Whatever the case is, we know that Breath From Another has finally been added to iTunes so you can now add the flawless collection of tracks to your iPod. Also, it’s been far too long since we last heard a proper display of emotions and wonderful songs from the Pink Pirate.

This is a project long anticipated and long overdue. She’s our self-proclaimed singers favorite singer and one of our top artists of all time. With open arms we say: welcome back, Esthero.

The new single will drop June 5th according to E’s official Twitter. We’re anxiously awaiting a song title.

What do you hope to hear from the project? Some jazz? Trip-hop/downtempo goodness? Pop? Let us know!

Purchase Breath From Another [Amazon]
Purchase Wikked Lil Grrrls [Amazon]

(Off topic. While researching a bit more on this project we found quite a sad entry we thought we would share in which Esthero spoke on Amy Winehouse. “I Don’t Want Amy Winehouse To Die.” A very touching read given the devastating reality some years after.)

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4 Responses to Esthero To Release First Single In Seven Years On June 5th!

  1. Dylan White says:

    Have you heard her singing on this song? Amazing…

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