Animal Collective Debut New 7″ “Honeycomb” & “Gotham”

Animal Collective Honeycomb Gotham

It’s always a surprise in regards to what you’re going to get with the always experimental, genre-crossing Animal Collective. Today, the band revealed a new 7″ release via Domino Records. The record, out June 26th, 2012 contains two new tracks “Honeycomb” and “Gotham” and is available for pre-order right here. No record player? No problem. An MP3 download will also be made available the date of the release.

“Honeycomb” is the sort of chaos we’re used to and is forever changing it’s structure and working with vast effects and stereo space. Throughout the insanity, the chaos “how many times have you said you’ve had it today?” is sung and it’s impossible to ignore the flutter that almost everything is drenched in. It’s a marching tune, it’s a banger, and it’s a realm of plug-in territory we know from the band all too well.

“Gotham” plays to the A-side’s counterpart, offering a slower and dreary landscape. With a warm bass and muffled sounding kick drum that compliments and warms the entire mix up as a whole.

Animal Collective’s signal chain is absolutely insane and we refuse to go through any aspect of the records too deeply without a solid, lossless product in front of us. However, musically speaking it’s impressive. This band is one that’s yet to let us down. Have a listen to the record’s B-side below and let us know your thoughts!

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