Moby Releases Thirty Minute Ambient Track “All Sides Gone,” Prepares Destroyed Remix Album

Moby Destroyed Remixed

One of the more intricate releases of 2011 was Destroyed by Moby. Initially, the album was released in accompaniment with a book of photos that was meant to compliment the introverted, quiet feel of the record. The photos (which you can view on the mini-site) were snapshots of the artist’s life on tour and demonstrated the ironically lonely feeling maintained while performing in front of thousands of people and staying in sterile hotel/airport environments.

It was quite artistic and a great continuation of Moby’s artistry. If you didn’t want the book you could order a digipak of the album that came with some photos, or just the CD itself. Soon after, came another Deluxe edition of the album which featured an entire second disc of new material in the same line as what was initially released.

We’ve touched on this sort of marketing before with Moby with the example of 2009’s Wait For Me, a record that also showed a slew of re-releases. Read how we touched upon it here and check out our review of the initial record on the same page. here.

NOW, Moby is re-releasing his 2011 record again in two disc, limited edition remixed format. Disc one will be full of uptempo mixes from the likes of KleerupPaul Van DykThe Holy Ghost!, and more. The second disc? It’s known as the “small room DJ Mix” which unravels mixes by Photek, Yeasayer, and a remix of “The Poison Tree” by David Lynch which was initially released as an extremely limited edition vinyl to celebrate 2012 Record Store Day.

The last track on the small room disc is a thirty minute ambient track called “All Sides Gone” that plays in the line of the bonus disc Hotel: Ambient to the 2005 release Hotel. A simplified piano melody over top of gorgeous pads and languid electronic drones plays along the soundtrack equivalent to sonic comfort and meditation.

It’s quiet parts are quiet, it’s more built up portions are hushed as well, but it’s a perfect chill out tune that, while it mostly stays stagnant through it’s run, holds a magnificent delicacy that only Moby has been known for.

It’s also to note that this isn’t the first time Moby has released a track this long. 1994’s single found a stretched out, ambient release entitled “Hymn.Alt.Quiet.Version” which turned out to be 33 minutes and 43 seconds.

Destroyed Remixed is out April 30th, 2012. Click here to pre-order your copy.

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