Track Review: Iamamiwhoami Get Vulnerable on “Idle Talk”

Iamamiwhoami Idle Talk

Track by Track: ;john | Clump | Sever | Drops | Good Worker | Play | In Due Order | Idle Talk | Rascal | Kill

Throughout the Kin by Iamamiwhoami experience so far, we’ve witnessed an exploration of several topics, all different from one another, but all linking together into an even bigger picture than the large spectrum that each song hones into. What’s always been constant is a feeling of being human: the insecurities, the triumphs, and the imagination have all been discussed and on “Idle Talk,” the latest release from the project (April 25th, 2012) we receive an angle that’s been touched upon, but more deeply endeavored: love. More accurately the loss of it.

Lyrically, the song actually sounds like it could fit in with Jonna Lee‘s solo projects from before the Electronic music took off. It’s heartfelt and poetic, honest without metaphors to be discussed upon hours. “Where are you, my long lost love? It feels like yesterday has parted. I held you closest to my trusted heart, now the withdrawal seems to be starting,” Lee states in the opening lines.

From there, the lyrical content teeters upon reminiscing (“With you I flourish into greatness. Extend my arms into a misty light, making my future path seem weightless”) and relentless sorrow once the chorus hits. Regardless, there’s an inkling of creativity within the lyrical content when the words “sing” are repeated in reverse throughout the end of the track. Perhaps a throw back to “Y” (Little hope, sing a song of fire).

The entire vocal production as a whole contains an array of reverberation effects,  but it’s the vocal delay that gives “Idle Talk” it’s best asset. The majority of the verses contains a helping delay, hidden underneath most of the reverb and mix, however, it’s the eighth note stereo delay that plays off of the last word of certain phrases which achieves jubilation. Bouncing the words from the left and right channels, it comes together with the break between lines to create an energizing feeling of enthusiasm, as well as hesitance that connects with the overall discern of the glittering, Electro track.

The background vocal production is lush. “I swear I’m gonna make you..” Jonna Lee laments amongst toward the middle of the song, “…if you can still be on my back, oh.” It’s the internal voice of the song that’s mixed completely divergent of any other stem inside the song, sounding distant, equalized for an emphasis on high frequencies, and is delivered with lethargic ease that helps the cathartic sensation the sixth release from Kin delivers.

A beautiful pad plays below the first four measures of the second verse and contains darkness, but a warmth at the same time that contains the power to mold together the drastic changes in melodies and song structure, to make them sound more seamless and subtle than they are. It’s a simple, but effective choice in artistic song vision.

Toward the beginning of the track, before the verse verse, there’s a sweep effect that seems to have been recorded from a synthesizer, then split into it’s own channel where it could have been mixed on it’s own. Of course, we do not have the multi-tracks, so it could be another channel on it’s own, with it’s own melody, dedicated to containing the sweep.

Regardless, the synthesizer work is exquisite on “Idle Talk” – specifically one of the main bits of instrumentation that glides downward to create what sounds like a defeated melody that emotionally assaults the listener and battles within itself to continue the notes it’s meant to perform.

Iamamiwhoami Idle Talk

“Idle Talk,” like the rest of the songs in Iamamiwhoami’s collection contains a video, but with this visual piece we finally start getting connections and answers (at least, as much of an answer as the project is willing to disclose). The majority of the video takes place, like most Iam videos, in a forest. It’s cinematography focuses on less detailed shots, but offers a broad spectrum of forest to paint a denser picture, despite the scenery proving itself less lively than it’s predecessor films. It’s very “T” from the BOUNTY series.

But, the last scene we find Jonna Lee back in the apartment building we met her in toward the beginning of the Kin campaign. This time, opening a closet that leads to a room that shockingly looks like the room we found her in almost a year ago in the “; John” video.

Talk about a cliffhanger! Can you wait two weeks for the next installment? With this sort of anticipation, we’re on the edge of our seats.

Normally, we’re hesitant to give songs a five out of five rating. If it happens, it has to be something special. So far, we’ve thrown Iamamiwhoami a few perfect ratings and this one happens to be another. The quality of their music and everything they’ve done so far is almost immaculate.Kin, as well as Iamamiwhoami as a whole is shaping up to truly be one of the greatest pieces of Electronic music put together in the 21st century.

Track rating: 5/5

Check out ForesakenOrder’s Video Analysis for “Idle Talk” by clicking here!

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  8. When you give three songs out of an incomplete album 5/5 ratings, your rating system loses all impact.

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  11. Blah says:

    No offence to Kane, but he rates the music on an individual single basis which is better than just judging an entire album on its own.

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