Music Business: “Battle In Me” Becomes Garbage’s UK Single

This is just a small little blip in continuation with our coverage of the new Garbage album Not Your Kind Of People (expected release: 5/15/2012 on the band’s own STUNVOLUME record label) and a small look at the marketing plan behind the band and the record.

“Battle In Me” was uploaded to Garbage’s official YouTube account on the 20th of March with a title confirming that it’s the official single for United Kingdom listeners in regards to the initial promotion for their upcoming release.

Considering that Garbage has their own record label, it’s a bit surprising that they’re releasing different singles in different countries as opposed to going for the worldwide appeal that RadioheadNine Inch Nails, and countless other bands without major label support usually use to their advantage. In fact, the campaign they seem to be embarking on is a nice infusion of traditional marketing means mixed flawlessly with 21st century social media tools. Not a bad way for these veterans to start spreading the word out there.

The song itself is great, but so far only a YouTube version of the track can be officially heard, so an in depth review will be saved for a later date. 2020k does really like the song structure, especially the pauses during the song, which are semi-reminiscant of “Supervixen” off of their debut album, don’t you think?

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