Infrasound: Flamingo Pudding “And The Gravis Reazm”

Flamingo Pudding And The Gravis ReazmWelcome to another installment of 2020k’s Infrasound: A word used to describe frequencies underneath the human hearing range. In this way, we hope to bring under the radar, unsigned, and independent music to your attention to get word out about those works of art that are needed to be heard among a larger group of people.

Since the introduction of being able to make music straight from your laptop or PC, there’s a huge do-it-yourself market comprised of unpolished, raw recordings that boarder along the line of budget sounding sonics and amateur brilliance. Netherlands based Electronic musician Flamingo Pudding balances on the wire effortlessly, more often than not teetering on the brilliance side of the scope. His vast discography, spanning from free downloads of his Last.FM and Soundcloud pages, along with the recently released Flamingo Pudding And The Gravis Reazm tip toe around a discombobulated stereo image, envelope effects, and parallel compression effects that surprisingly create a middle ground for cracked chaos to roam freely amongst cohesive song structures.

…And The Gravis Reazm is an eclectic combination of music, bordering from sample based, feel good Electronic songs like “Cyclone”, to the Euphoric Royksopp-esque “Portmondeux”, and emotional, distorted, and stuttering “Psygnosis”.

We’re big fans of all of it, but it’s the last track on Flamingo’s Gravis, “Cardboard” that has us head over heels. It’s a relaxed, chill-out track that sounds simple in theory, but upon deeper listens, there’s a notice of layers hidden further back in the mix come into focus. Electronic beeps and lower harmonies find themselves becoming a glue of sorts in which hold together the chords and straightforward rhythmic section of the track. The rustling bits throughout the noise floor, though a bit loud, bring a level of humanism toward the song, adding a bit of imperfect charisma to the track.

“Cardboard” is mixed from a bright standpoint, with pitched up “do’s” that intriguingly mimic the sound of campy cats and the vocals are equalized with the majority of low frequencies discarded. It all works for the track in creating a more floating atmosphere for the track’s dreamy state, holding lyrics that go from light subjects to dark subjects.

“Eating berries on a Sunny Sunday, attacked by a bear. Well, not a real one obviously. It was a fake one made from old cardboard boxes,” Flamingo Pudding sings. The entire aforementioned sentence could be taken quite literally as a joke if read out of context of the song. After all, berries, attacked by bears made out of cardboard and flamingo flavored pudding don’t all look as well on paper as they do in our ears. But, it’s flawless. Extremely melodic, smartly executed, and a great listen!

Yes, it’s very tongue in cheek. No, it’s not a gleaming display of top-notch production. But, it’s good music, so why should I care?

Don’t believe us? Snag the free download here. It even comes with a playable game (it’s a .exe, so Windows users only, unfortunately. However, you can watch a walk through review of the game on YouTube by clicking here!)

You can snag a free download of Flamingo Pudding And The Gravis Reazm here!

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