Télépopmusik Teases With 41 Second Preview of “Try Me Anyway”


UPDATE 6/14/2013 Telepopmusik have announced the Try Me Anyway/Fever EP. Click here for details!

French Electronic trio Télépopmusik, known for their 2001 undergound hit “Breathe” (YouTube) have been pretty dormant since the release of their 2005 critically acclaimed downtempo masterpiece Angel Milk. Sure, two years ago saw the digital release of “Ghost Girl” (Myspace) featuring Kim Wayman and a bunch of remixes to go along with it and a resurface of revisited versions of their songs posted to the official MySpace profile, but beyond promises of a new album year after year after year, the horizon of which we waited for an announcement of some new tunes seemed hopelessly bleak..until now.

On December 7th, 2011 Telepopmusik broke their silence with a 41 second clip of new music called “Try Me Anyway” that’s featured in an advertisement to promote an upcoming TV series called Heels. Sylvia Black can be heard delivering vocals on top of a gloriously lush half acoustic, half electronic beat.

Subtle atmospherics, lush guitars, and one banging sounding percussion section hint at the evolving style the untitled, mysterious third record will sound like. And from what we can tell from this way too short of a clip, it’s going to be absolutely amazing!

Click here to listen to the quick snippet!

On October 17th, an announcement was posted to the band’s Facebook page which read “as you might have noticed, we’re always late on schedule!
apologies….we’re finishing 17 songs…it’s a long process..and it’s almost done!” and is the only inkling of information we have beyond various other videos that feature returning vocalists Mau and the stunning Angela McCluskey. But, if it’s any indication Mai, Deborah Anderson (who provided vocals for the majority of Angel Milk, including the stunning “Into Everything“) and Juice Aleem are amongst the artists listed on Telepop’s Myspace alongside all of the aforementioned individuals in this article.

TRUST US – You’re going to want to be liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter because 2020k will be covering everything going on with this band as we’ve been big fans since their debut full length release Genetic World. It’s great to see Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier finally bringing this album to a close and we look forward to the release of yet another sure to be flawless recording from the band!

For now, let’s take a blast to the past and enjoy the 2nd video version of the song that started it all, “Breathe”. After all, it was hard to keep from hyperventilating upon hearing this news!

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