The Roots Release Companion Apple App For Their Upcoming Concept Album “Undun”

The Roots Undun App Screencap

We’re three days away from the release of Hip-Hop veterans The Roots 10th studio album and first full concept album, Undun. Right now, the full record is streaming on NPR’s website and the band has officially released an official App through the iTunes App Store in support of and as a companion to the record.

The un(dun) app is a companion piece to the The Roots 2011 release Undun. Through the use of photos, lyrics, a series of interviews and music video vignettes, the app provides an immersive experience that elucidates the life and times of one Redford Stephens (1974-1999), a complex youth who struggles to define himself within a troubled inner city milieu and dies in the process. – Official Description.

While it’s not the most interactive app, it’s neat to have some sort of back story as to how the protagonist in the album’s history was like. Pictures of Redford and his environment, interviews with teachers, friends, and family members, and all of the lyrics for the album are housed in an application almost half a Gigabyte in size and presented in a clean, streamline fashion. Six months from now, this is likely to be one of the apps you delete as a means to make space on your little 16GB iPhone 4S, but one you’ll keep in your memories after you hear the stories and struggles that caused Redford Stephens to walk down the path of life illustrated through The Roots’ record.

FYI – The app is free (for now).

Also, for those that have listened to the album – we hear it’s remarkable, but tend to stay away from low quality streams and leaks. Once 2020k has the lossless copy of the record in our hands, there’s no doubt we’ll be spinning it until we can’t bare it anymore.

We haven’t met a Roots album we don’t like & “Make My” gets us misty eyed every time.

Review of Undun to come in the next coming week…

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