Track Review: Hearts Revolution – Teenage Teardrops (Uptill Remix)

The uptempo, Electro Hearts Revolution offered up “Teenage Teardrops” and we’re sharing with you a stunning remix of the track that popped up in our inbox a few days ago by Zack and Steve who make up the duo UpTill.

UpTill takes the Crystal Castles influenced track and remains true to the sound for the most part, while offering a slight Foster The People minimal-esque sunshine pop spin on it, giving the emotional angsty out pour of Leyla ‘Lo’ Safai’s vocals a platform to shine brightly over a track that offers a sweet dance hi-cut filter toward the 2:13 mark, and gives the vocal track several pitch manipulations, loops, which adds an even more Electronic and fresh feeling to the track.

What makes this mix great is that it’s also a very straightforward mix. There’s no large bells and whistles, no large production techniques, just simple mixing where the composition and song structure provides the basis of “Teenage Teardrops”.

The mix comes off the tail of a Remix Competition Hearts Revolution announced, which has since ended (on August 24th to be exact), but you can still download the multitracks to the song and give your own spin on the song by clicking here. The group urged competitors to be “Creative as hell” and that’s exactly what Uptill has done. Bravo, guys!

Like UpTill on Facebook, follow them on Twitter & soundcloud. While you’re at it, follow us on the good ole’ FB as well, Tweet us to death, and leave a comment below telling us what you think about the mix!

Track rating: 4/5

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2 Responses to Track Review: Hearts Revolution – Teenage Teardrops (Uptill Remix)

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