Late Night Alumni Plan Tour, Need Fans Help!

Late NIght Alumni
Lately, Late Night Alumni have been ultra interactive with their fans and we love it. They’ve held Facebook contests for a chance to win their entire discography on a Flash Drive, a T-Shirt designing contest, keep us informed with their statuses, and occasionally reply to a few fans here and there. Now, they’re asking for our help.

If case you didn’t know: touring is expensive. There is an article over at The Guardian, published in 2008, that just scratches the surface of how much money is taken in regards to fees to sell merchandise at your show and how hard it is to get label support to back you up, especially if you’re an up & coming act. Since they’ve been around since 2004, electronic music act Late Night Alumni are practically veterans to the music business and three albums into their career, even they need help catching the funds needed to supply the mandatory demands that a tour financially needs.

Late Night Alumni is made up of Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade, who we’d like to congratulate on winning America’s Best DJ), Finn Bjarnson, John Hancock, and Becky Jean Williams, and being the resourceful bunch they are, they’ve set up a Kickstart campaign to ask willing fans to donate some cash to help them reach their goal of a steep $10,000 for the tour the group hopes to embark on.

The best thing about this is the fans benefit just as much as the band. In fact, for every dollar you spend, there is a some sort of kickback for the kickstart you’ve helped. $1 enters you into a drawing for a hoodie/T-shirt package prize, $5 gets you a personal thank you card, $20 grants you a remastered hard copy of the band’s debut record Empty Streets, and if you’re feeling extra helpful, $2000 gets you a chance to sit in on a recording session with the band! (2020k note: I’d kill for this, but unfortunately, I don’t even have $2000 to my bank account!!)

So far, the band has currently received $22,712 in donations, which has more than doubled the amount of money they originally asked. In a Facebook update, LNA stated “Hooray! The goal has been met! The more we raise the bigger the tour! Let’s keep it going so we can come see you in your home town!”


You have until October 2nd, 2011 to donate – why not throw in a few bucks toward a band that’s given us such authentic sounding Electronic music. Check out a video below of the band recording their third album Haunted and cross your fingers that they make a stop in a city near you. 2020k will be praying for a Pittsburgh, PA date!

Follow 2020k on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more Late Night Alumni news, music reviews, interviews, contests and more! Also, chat it up in the comments section and let us know what you think about artists using Kickstart for this reason and what you think about Late Night Alumni!

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