Track Review: Origamibiro – Quad Time

OrigamibiroOrigamibiro is one of the most interesting things 2020k has come across recently. It’s a stunning group of guys based out of Nottingham, UK, that blur the lines of a conventional band by combining beautiful organic and electronic music/audio, provided by Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh, with visuals created by The Joy Of Box aka Jim Boxall. The marriage between sound and video give way to one hell of a creative project and if “Quad Time” is any indication of what we’ll be seeing on their forthcoming release Shakkei, due out August 29th, 2011 – we’re all in for some serious auditory and visual treats.

Cue the typewriter, crinkled and ripped paper for percussion, a metal stand with the hi-frequencies rolled off of it for a muted kick drum effect – add in guitars, a xylophone, and a few other stringed layers and you have a wonderful instrumental track that’s filled with gorgeous layers and layers. On top of that? It’s mixed to perfection. No over-saturated or cheap effects, just traditional mixing that’s used to create clarity and allow all of the instruments, percussion, and melody in “Quad Time” to have their own pristine sound and balance in the mix.

If all this isn’t enough for all you video/audiophiles, the press release for Origamibiro’s record states: “Origamibiro will be releasing a limited edition DVD release featuring the full album in multiple audio formats including surround sound and hi-definition stereo and an accompanying video archive of past promos, live excerpts and av experiments.”

I’m sold. You’re sold, right? on!

To promote the release of Shakkei, the band is giving away “Quad Time” as an MP3 and is also paired with the video! Inside the file are also gorgeous remixes by Joseph Minadeo, Juxtaphona, LeafcutterJohn, Soil and Water, and my personal favorite, Low in the Sky.  The best part? It’s all for free! Click here to download the package and watch the amazing video below.

Track Review: 5/5
Note: The version on the Free download doesn’t quite sound like the one in the video, but still gets a solid 4/5 from us.

Thank you to reader Adam Daly and Origamibiro themselves for E-mailing me a tip off to this track and project. If you have any recommendations on what you’d like to see written about on 2020k, please feel free to tweet us, shout us out on Facebook, or shoot us an E-mail at

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