Watch: Robyn Music Special Documentary

Turn on your Swedish subtitles and prepare to watch one of the most introspective documentaries about a pop artist’s journey from the top of worldwide mainstream success to finding her own comfortable niche in the industry.

Robyn is one of the biggest, most adored underground pop stars of recent time and throughout the documentary discusses her dislike for how the record labels and people around her treated her sound and image with her debut album Robyn is Here (which spawned two successful singles in the U.S. with Max Martin productions “Show me Love” and “(Do You Know) What It Takes)” and her struggle with trying to find a sound that suited her as well as satisfied the team around her.

We all know what happens in the end. Robyn took control, started her own record label, and has been pumping out real nice pop songs, and taking an innovative approach to music by releasing three mini-albums in one year. But, it’s interesting to see that even now with the success and the comfort that the songstress has in her present career, that the people around her (who are interviewed as well) were not and still aren’t 100% comfortable with the direction she’s taken. One person even goes so far as to say a song like “Who’s That Girl” is something only Madonna could record. (He’s obviously wrong).

Along with that story, early demos from recent albums are also played and we get a chance to see how Robyn spends her work days. It’s a great watch and a good look at music business from start to finish. All four parts are on Youtube and all four parts have been subtitled for us English speaking fans! (Just hit the CC button).

Enjoy and leave your comments about what you thought below!

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