NBC’s The Voice is a Big Hit!

We here at 2020k don’t watch much TV, but when we heard that the premise of the first couple of episodes were comprised of Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine having their backs turned while contestants auditioned, we were intrigued and tuned in. (It also helped that Ms. Aguilera did a lot of press in which she expressed how much fun she had with the show and that she was pouring herself into it and the contestants. We’re big Aggy fans!)

Much to our surprise, the producers skipped American Idol approach to gaining ratings by purposefully placing tone deaf and insufferable voices in front of a panel of judges to infuriate and irritate them, but instead, actually hand picked talented individuals for the stars and viewers to listen to. Once a coach decides they like a voice and want to coach them, they hit a buzzer that turns their chair around so that they can see who is performing the song. If two or more coaches press their buzzer, the contestant gets to choose who they want to coach them.

Enjoyable, solid, and respectable premise.

Still not convinced? Watch the video above where Christina asks this contestant to take his pants off.

While it’s too early to see if this show suffers the same recycled & dull fate that American Idol produces out each year, the talent and the banter back and forth between the four judges makes for great entertainment and we look forward to what happens in the next few weeks when Reba McEntire, Sia, and Monica join them in the coaching sessions and the show starts to blossom even further.

The Voice airs every Tuesday evening at 9PM EST. Busy? You can watch full episodes of it on NBC.com/the-voice.

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