Infrasound: Matt Belmont

Matt Belmont
Introducing, the first article from our new 2020k contributor, Fiona Gladstone!

Hi there. Bit confused that this isn’t RJ? Me too, but bear with me. RJ has given me permission to write music blogs for 2020k so expect gig reviews and tracks all the way from London. So, here goes.

I am really into promoting unsigned music. It’s great that there are always bands passionate to break through and be the next big thing, it keeps music interesting. The reason myself and 2020k first got in touch is through his support for July Child, an unsigned London duo that I am currently writing for. It’s fantastic being part of such an exciting project and I have huge belief that they are going to be a success.

Another of my favourite unsigned musicians is Matt Belmont. I originally came across him at Bingley Festival in Yorkshire during the Sunderland born singer’s first festival, and he has had my attention ever since. After self-recording and producing his 2012 debut EP Not Coming Down, he has reached the top 100 of the UK’s official itunes chart and featured in the YouTube top 50 most watched music chart. He has since played the backstage VIP tent at Glastonbury Festival 2013 and is currently producing his second EP Roots.

Matt carries intense emotion in his voice, there are quivers and a roughness that truly capture the depth of his lyrics. It’s welcoming how his choruses aren’t perfect mimics throughout the song, making his music beautifully raw and bare; a refreshing change from the churn of audio enhanced music that can haunt our airwaves.

Here’s his single “Only Love” from the EP Not Coming Down. If you like this, it is definitely worth checking out his live sessions on YouTube – a natural talent.

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